Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top 10: 9/15/10

I love, I dig, I am about this at the moment:

So here goes back into the swing of things. It’s been a while and for that I am sorry.

  1. Elvis & AnabelleElvis & Annabelle: I mentioned this one way back and then apologized for sharing my love for something no one really has access too. But guess what this lovely little romantic comedy is getting a release date on DVD October 5th! Trust me not your normal romantic comedy featuring Blake Lively and Max Mingella (in the new Facebook movie).
  2. KrakenKraken by China Mieville: This is a little Sci Fi Novel written a person far too smart. About a Natural History museum that’s giant squid vanishes and no one saw no sees any sign of how. Enter a London Police Unit no one has heard, some radical religion that considers the squid it’s God and another world of London.
  3. My Name Is MemoryMy Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares: OK so WARNING no one told me and I was quite disappointed in what I thought was an unfulfilling ending- this is the first of three books. About a couple who can remember their past lives. Daniel’s memories come much sooner and clearer. But Lucy doesn’t get them back as clearly. I loved the way this book describes past lives it just makes sense why certain people show up around you, why you remember, what you do regret, etc.
  4. Queso: I made some last night for my book club and I will let you in on what makes it always taste good El Pato- a little can in the Hispanic aisle- gives a lot of flavor with a little kick.
  5. Buffy Night: So me and my friend Kelley love Buffy and we were like we should get together and watch them like they were still on. Basically it is an excuse to get together and we all take turns cooking- so one less meal to worry about each week. Plus a couple of fanatics together with some roped in friends is always fun.
  6. Ryan Atwood: That is all I will say. If you know who he is you get it, if you don’t just skip.
  7. Ray LaMontagne & David Gray Concert in The Santa Fe Opera House: Venue Amazing! Ray so good you want to date him even though he is scruffy. David lovely, well written and performed even better.
  8. Product DetailsHavaianas Sandals: Perfect combo of flips and sandals.
  9. Book of Days Planner from Papaya: I already ordered and filled in the days for next year. Yes I am way early but this little planner with Month & Week Pages also comes with Journal pages in the back maybe now I will actually journal.
  10.  These Nine West Boots: The Gellar to be exact. So cute with a skirt or dress, leggings or jeans tucked in. Perfect color to match everything.


And 2 I do not Dig, am not About and definitely do not love:

  1. Being done with everything at work at 11. I hate this with a passion!
  2. The friend not accepting the fade out- just accept it.
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