Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 10 Fave Moments This Year

It is tiem to wrap this year up and put a bow on it.

1. Graduating From School- Although this was not only the year I graduated but also the year Heidi and my cousin Whit graduated, along with another cousin from HS, it was all fun and memorable. I had lots of love and support at the ceremony and the house was packed to the gills after with all our extended family- friends included. Nothing better than a house full of love.
2. Actually Liking a Star Trek-This year I discovered a lot of new stuff I am currently obsessed with from music to tv shows I just got into. And overall I think it was just a stellar year for a lot of shows, have you seen Dollhouse lately insane! And there were a lot of these moments that left me staring blankly in shock at the telly. Glee, The Hurt Locker, Noisettes- I am talking about you and that is only the surface.
3. Moving Out- So there were some obstacles but as of right now, it is good. And well it is always fun to decorate your own place.
4. Sending Heidi Away to Conquer Academia- Although I wish she was closer, what can you do? I love that my little Heidi so bravely went off to her grad program, and really has tried her hardest to make the best of it. I know it is has been beyond hard but she has stuck it out and I know she will be successful!
5. Good Concert Year-U2, No Doubt, and some others all great shows, reminded me I need to get out to concerts more often. And if Jay-Z would have come he woudl have been great too.
6. All of Us Together for the Whole Year- whole family in the same state while bumpy is definitely more fun.
7. Getting an Awesome Little from BBBS
- She is as cute as can be and thoughtful, smart and just overall great. Reminded me why I love to volunteer.
8. See this Skin I like It- So more than any other year up to now, I have just settled into being me and well if you have not yet experienced this try to get there because it makes life far more even keel and way more fun.
9. Midnight Shopping in Santé Fe, Disney Pre Hurricane, etc. etc. etc.- Mi madre es crazy, and the rest of us are just enablers but hey we have a lot of fun. Because you know what is better than a 50% off sweater, a 50% off sweater at midnight! Actually now that I think about it that may have been my idea.
10. This Christmas: although it has not happened yet I think it will be memorable and great.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ten things I'm grateful for this Thanks

Yes I know I'm late...but still thankful.

1. Being able to go home and see my family and friends. Definitely number one on my list because I have missed them so much lately.
2. Shopping with awesome sales. Christmas shopping is way easier when I just run across something and it's on sale. Although I spend miles and miles too much money over the week I was home, it was pretty worth it.
3. Flying home. This is awesome because I had time to read the books that I wanted to read. That always makes me happier.
4. Um the food! My stuffing was I must say awesome and I couldn't get enough of it. Some other highlights were the mashed potatoes, our prime rib (we don't really do turkey), and the awesome cornbread my friend Tony made. So so good.
5. Taking our family picture. This doesn't sound good at first because inevitably everyone gets upset, my dad is annoyed and my mom doesn't think she looks good, Abbey is trying to get everyone to look and Meg is trying to entertain babies. But I love pictures and I mostly think it's funny that everyone gets so stressed about it.
6. My new Christmas present from Cory. Yes we got each other the same thing and yes it's awesome. Can't wait to use it.
7. Watching football with my entire family. I know it's the fam thing again but watching football with them is so much more fun than by myself. I'll include people watching with them in here too because I just can't get enough of it.
8. Seeing my puppies. I miss them so much and we just needed to have some good chats together.
9. Not worrying about school. For five glorious days I managed to not worry at all about school. Yes I'm stressed out of my mind about it but for a while there I could forget. And usually in fall semester about the time Thanks rolls around I'm ready to commit murder to avoid school.
10. Realizing all the things I'm thankful for that I took for granted when I lived with family and friends.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Top Ten 10 Things To Make as Gifts this Christmas….

Disclaimer: making gifts if done right takes more time and effort than buying a gift ever would. They are truly a labor of love. Here is the list:

1. Mix CDs: This is only ok if they are amazing. Either make a set like Best of Rock, Pop, Etc. Or Road Trip CD, Breaking Up CD, Christmas CD, Don’t Feel Good CD, Angry CD. Or a CD for each month. All should have notes and be decorated-see what I mean it is harder.
2. Note Cards: When my sister turned 19 I made her 20 note cards each had a reason why I liked her. Now since I am no artist I just wrote them out in different colors and it was only part of a gift. But if you are artistically inclined you could draw the reason, take a photo, make a scrapbook, once you start ideas will flood believe me. Oh and don’t forgot one to grow on.
3. Bouquet of Something: I am pretty sure I stole this idea. But what do they love wooden spoons, Sharpies, School Supplies, Golf, anything that can be placed as a bouquet will work. Just tie together and put in a vase.
4. Heart Attack: So this is something really lame you usually do for someone just for fun. But basically you cut out card stock hearts write why you love someone on the hearts. Then glue the hearts to forks (fork down) and stick them in their lawn and doorbell ditch. This is harder to do in say a colder climate because the ground is too hard to get a fork into.
5. Scrapbook Pages: This one is hard because it is really easy to get overwhelmed. I am a tad OCD about my pages so I can do a few in an hour. And this is one where you have to go above and beyond otherwise it just looks like you slapped something together. First off do you have enough pictures? I planned to do this for my brother once and then came to find I only had a handful of pictures, and not the 10 pages I hoped for.
6. Letter: This is just nice with any gift. A handwritten letter is always cherished in my book. Tell them your fave Christmas memory of them. 10 reasons you love them, 10 things only you two laugh at, 10 fave moments with them or just tell them you love and are proud of them.
7. What Can you Do?: I have a friend who can free draw amazingly well she handmade a calendar. Another she is a pro at Photoshop she also made a calendar. Me I can take pretty good portraits (not technically great) but the person looks like themselves and I take a ton so there is always at least one good one. You can take portraits of your brothers and sisters for your mom. The place you used to vacation, the house you grew up in, it goes on and on.
8. Recipes: This one can really be a labor of love. You have a sister who bakes? Or a couple of siblings who would love copies of Grandma’s recipes? Copy them over and put them in a book for them to start and have. Or print and bind them.
9. Kits: So many ways to go on this one. Heidi makes date kits for her parents. I made her a road trip kit when she left for MI. Let’s say they are about to change jobs. Make them a new job kit, something to put on their desk, some inspirational quotes, a list of sick excuses, a list of things to never say to your coworkers, a list of lunch places around their new office, letters for along the way: open at your first lunch, open when you get home after your first week there, open when you need a pep talk, etc.
10. What do they like?: Are they all about baking- make them a baking kit. Do they love the spa treatments make some bath salts, hair treatment etc. If you have the time and the effort you can always find something.

And 2 I Don’t Like That I Always Receive...
1. Anything that is cute yet useless: it will just sit in your closet. Oh a fuzzy paperweight with my initials thanks so much! A remote control cozy awesome! A handmade doll I am 23 with no kids and they kind of creep me out, but it sure is pretty! Oh sweet another throw pillow I have an even doezen now yay!
2. I Like to Make This So That is What You Are Getting: I like to scrapbook so someone has to drop a hint if they want pages, otherwise I just think I am doing it for my own enjoyment. I also make a mean cheese ball but you may hate cheese. On the other hand my sister makes cookies every year for her group of friends and it usually involves at least 6 separate types of cookies and a decorative tin so who would not want that. Just be sure you are making a gift for someone not just continuing your hobby.