Monday, November 23, 2009

Top 10 Things I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Because that is what it is all about right...

1. That my whole family will be in the same house that night: and all the things that go with that. From all our dogs to all of us it usually gets pretty funny pretty quick.

2. I get to try a new Truffle and Roll Recipe: Yes I am a cooking nerd and I am excited to try these recipes, and figure out what a double boiler is by then hopefully.

3. Heidi is coming back to NM: Which usually means too much food and shopping and well who hates that. I am sure we will also discuss very important issues like why we love The Vampire Diaries so much, who is bothering us, and whether those jeans make our bums look good or not.

4. Dad’s Pancakes the day after: So good!

5. Real Mashed Potatoes the Day of: Also Very good and pretty much the only time I get them all year.

6. Break: As in no work!

7. Excuse to Bail: As in sorry I will be out in the mountains that day.

8. The Parade: Fun every year and tradition- which I believe in.

9. The Hi-Jinks at Wal-Mart the Day Before: Yes me and my mom are going to get most of the groceries the day before at Wal-Mart. Some would call this a suicide mission I would agree but what are two very busy people to do.

10. The fact We are a Month away from Christmas: I got 2 words for you Sparkly Lights!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top Ten Tribute to My Boys

I figured now that I have ten boys on my list (just mine mind you, not the undecided ones) that I would do a little tribute to each one of them. And give me a chance to stare....

If you don't like them....I don't even know what to say then.

Zachary Quinto - First seen and noticed in Star Trek, then totally adored in Heroes. Yes he's the bad guy, the aloof one, but that's what draws me in. You can just tell there is more going on behind his eyes and you just want to sit and watch him.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Um I don't even know when I first saw him but in The wow. They were all slutty but that just meant that there was more of him to see. And then in August Rush the boy sings and you kind of just want to melt. Just pretty.

Christian Bale* - First seen in Newsies. Captured my heart then and there. He sings as well which I just can't get over. Then in Little Women you're totally on his side until he marries Amy! All his movies are amazing because he gets so far into character. His Batman is my favorite aside from the weird fake voice when he's actually Batman...

Ryan Reynolds* - First seen in Van Wilder. So sarcastic and funny and witty. He would just be the guy you sit with all day and it can just be chill and you can just laugh about anything. And then he's just beautifully defined in all areas. Totally just melts my heart with how sweet he is in Definitely, Maybe. So cute.

Cam Gigandet - First seen in the O.C. Oh my yum this kid just epitomizes bad boy and makes me want to do drugs and drink and move out of my house at 15.... If you can't tell already I'm just a dang sucker for abs and his I think are just the very best. Yum. And then his Gap ad....I just want to go buy Gap Men's clothes so that the guys I know can look like that too. Plus he is just adorable with his daughter.

Robert Buckley - First seen on Lipstick Jungle. He totally exudes confidence and just seems like the kind of guy who would treat a girl like gold. And again with the abs....Am I a broken record here or are they just that good?!

Ian SMOLDERHALDER(Somerhalder) - First seen on Vampire Diaries. Um bad boy much. I have to quote my sis in that he just looks like he would break your heart, he would enjoy doing it, and I would enjoy letting him do it because just one look in my direction with those beautiful eyes and I'd be gone....

Bradley Cooper - First seen on Alias. If there is one thing I love more than abs (and he has good ones too) it's laughing. And Bradley Cooper just has the face that is made to be smiling and laughing. It would never be a dull moment, and you'd have some excellent arm candy.

Wentworth Miller - First seen on Prison Break. I love the intenseness of this boy. Some might call it brooding but I love that it means that, even if he isn't, it seems like he's thinking, and hopefully he's thinking that intensely about you!

Zachary Levi* - First seen on Chuck. It could just be his character, but he's a nerd. A really good looking nerd that doesn't think he's cute or smart or capable of saving the world. He's just so humble and unassuming yet confident in who he is. Cuteness.

And just to shake it up, instead of a couple boys I don't like, some more boys that I do like...but haven't been able to pry them from Cor yet ; ).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Top 10 Shows You Should Have Watched

Because then we might still have them...

1. Alias: Jen Garner will always be Sydney Bristow to me which I why I always believe she could kick my a**. This show was amazing and introduced the world to not only Jen Garner but also Bradley Cooper! It lost its footing a bit at the end of the third season but at the end it gave the fans what they wanted. I would try to explain this show to you but like Lost it would take a whole lot! So here is a basic description Jen Garner is a secret agent working for the CIA, we follow her, her handlers and team members, and all the regular folks in her normal everyday life who have no idea what she does. Oh and there are like a million twists- not an exaggeration.

2. Veronica Mars: No one had as many great one liners as this show. About a teen sleuth who lives in a small town with some issues. Veronica is trying to solve her best friend’s murder. Equal parts family drama, mystery, teen drama, small town drama and hilarious. Just watch it you will love it.

3. Keen Eddie: An American Detective gets sent to England to solve a drug ring. He interacts with the British- that is all I needed! Mark Valley also not bad on the eyes, his English Partner witty & awkward as can be. And yes that is Sienna Miller as his annoying flat mate. Just thinking about it makes me want to pull the DVDs out.

4. Life: So how is this for Original an alleged dirty cop gets sent to jail for killing his partner & family, years later they overturn his case because it wasn’t him and part of his settlement he wants back on the force. Damien Lewis is the best in this show and you should watch it just for him. Not to mention him trying to solve the murder he was sent to jail for and a new case each week. Plus watch him reenter the world after being in prison for so long. Oh and that is just the surface.

5. Life On Mars: A remake of a British Show that has a cop fall into a coma and end up back as a cop in the 1970’s NYC. He is trying to figure out why he is there, live, and how to get back.

6. The Black Donnellys: Gritty & Dark & Dramatic about a set of Irish brothers who just keep making the wrong decisions. And in their neighborhood it gets dangerous. Tommy the smartest/responsible/legit brother tries to keep them out of trouble but just watch and you will see why he cannot. This is one of those shows where guys are always surprised you admitted you love.

7. Kitchen Confidential: Bradley Cooper again this show is based on Anthony Bourdain’s cooking career in NYC and the entire kitchen he puts together are funny characters.

8. Popular: You know that show Glee- that everyone is digging right now well Ryan Murphy created/ran this show first and it is even snarkier. A hilarious take on high school politics with a lot of crazy antics thrown in. I literally laugh out loud in every episode, and then feel bad for laughing at such meanness.

9. Buffy: I know we got 7 seasons but really that whole moving to the UPN thing-lame. And well you missed out so check it out and Joss Whedon’s current show Dollhouse which is also very good.

10. The American Embassy: this show was on all the way back in 2002 and only for a month. But it made such an impact on me I wanted this girl’s job so much! A young American woman takes an Embassy job in London for adventure and to get away from her family. It is the only show I can think of that was based in an embassy and I wish it had lasted longer. Plus the whole American Coworker CIA guy verse local British Playboy don’t you want your date nights to consist of that!

And 2 that deserved to get completely and totally axed!
1.The Beautiful Life:
Really I am ashamed I wasted an hour watching this awful show with worse acting. But in my defense I was cleaning and it was the only thing on.
2.Wedding Cashers: this craptastic reality show replaced Donnelllys imagine my surprise when I tuned in. Really only Owen & Vince can pull that off guys and with real people’s weddings it is not as funny- just seeing the premise made me change the channel.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 10 Things to Love about Fall

I do believe this is my favorite time of just more things that I love.

1. The weather getting colder. Sorry Cor but I adore having it be sunny outside but kind of chilly. So you get to wear cute coats and things but still have it be sunny!

2. Cute coats, boots, leggings, scarves or any other winter attire. It just adds so much diversity to your look and you can definitely have a ton of fun playing around with different colors, patterns and fabrics. I have about ten different scarves all kinds of colors (mostly plain color because that's me but patterns are adorable on others) and I just pick one to complement my outfit. The possibilities or look and cuteness are endless.

3. Leggings and Tights. This is a whole other one just because it's so awesome. Go to Target right now and they are having a sale on knee high socks, thigh high socks, tights, and footless tights (leggings). It's fantastic and they have all manner of patterns. I got some patterned tights and argyle ones just the other day. So cute to pair a dress you might have worn in summer with some cute tights/leggings and then into your fav boots.

4. Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. Okay Starbucks has this amazing thing called signature hot chocolate (why they even have the other kind I have not yet figured out....but) and then they add hazelnut flavoring into it. Just breath that sucker in. I don't like nuts but this is the perfect balance of the smoothness of nuts without actual nuts, and then chocolate. And I don't usually get the whip cream but it also adds a great deal! And then of course apple cider (YUM and my year round fav) and other kinds of hot chocolate. Perfect for chilly mornings.

5. Days when I can just rock the hoodie and sweats. Usually this is at night after I've gotten home from work but really, what is better than just sitting, sipping your hot chocolate, in a hoodie and sweats. Nothing that's what. I never get tired of the lounge pants and hoodies just make me feel so much better about myself because you can't tell whether I'm skinny or not!

6. Decorating my house. Although I haven't done it this year, in past years this is the best. Only in the fall do you have so many holidays to decorate for, and as a closet designer who has their future home all planned out, this is just pure fun. I mostly can't let myself going into stores like Micheal's, but when I do it's like a kid in a candy store, all the possibilities of making your home fun and festive. And you can do anything from really small (for just your room or apartment) to all out house extravaganza!

7. Music. I start getting excited about Christmas music in October. Don't worry all you sticklers, I don't actually start listening to it until after Thanksgiving, but I'm still excited about it long before then. I miss it so much through the year and listen to it almost non-stop during the acceptable time period. They're all the same songs but different people's voices change them so much! And of course the instrumentals like Manheim Steamroller are just classic quality that must be listened to every year.

8. Blankets. Wrapping up in a blanket or putting an extra one on my bed are a definite highlight. I don't have to worry anymore about being too hot to sleep. I get to be all cozy and cuddly and pretend like it's a snow day and I don't have to go to school or work.

9. Slathering on lotion. It becomes a necessity for me in the winter but I love it. I am forced to take extra good care of my skin and let it shine! Before you go to bed, get some heavy duty lotion, the kind you don't normally like because you feel greasy afterwards, slather it on your feet, put on some thick socks then go to bed. Your feet with thank you.

10. Making cookies. For the holidays it's somehow universally accepted that people make cookies for each other. This is the time I try out new recipes I have been thinking all year of doing. I take my sugar cookie recipe and get a really fun cookie cutter and just go to town. Ya it's a mess to clean up your kitchen but what's better than listening to Christmas music, or watching White Christmas, while you tear it up in the kitchen making yummy things and forgetting the consequences?!

And a couple of things that don't make fall enjoyable:
* Unpredictable weather, it's all cold outside so I wrap up and then it gets hot and I have to lug my coat around. Or warm in the morning so don't bring my huge coat then freezing the entire day!

* Worrying about my car being able to do everything it needs to when it's cold. Too much stress! And then dealing with mechanics who think because I'm a girl I deserve to be talked down to.