Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 10 Obsessions 6/29/10

Crazyness, Lunacy, Insanity my normal state….
  1. Dirty Little Liars: ABC Family this show is awful yet I still love it perfect nothing fluff for my summer mind. Although I love the character through outdits stuff because they always take it too far yes Spencer I know you are a prep lay off the polos and argyle please. 
  2. Kindle: Yeah I bought one, I was going to wait out for the iPad but it will be at least until Christmas that it becomes an option for me. Fave feature that I can download samples of almost any book and read the fist 20ish pages or so before I have to buy it. I think I am going to name it Kylie.
  3. Basil Leaf Café: I went Saturday am going again tonight. Yummy and delish Vietnamese food really good and not that much at all. 
  4. Loft Sales: As In Ann Taylor Loft 40% off the entire store umm yes please! 
  5. Enablers: Heather, Heidi, my mom all enablers in my life yes buy it, yeah apply for it, yes it is really good. They make your world go round.
  6. Hex: BBC America gem way too hot boy, teen angst and lots of other drama. I love this show and have been re-watching it. Better the second time around especially since I barely remember the first. 
  7. Firespell by Chloe Neil: Granted 30 pages in and I really just love Chloe Neill can’t wait for the next Merit book (in what like 5 days). But it is fun I love reading about Boarding Schools because they are so far from where I come from. 
  8. Shorts, Flips, Sunscreen, Sandals,  Lemonade- Summer!: I love you my first love and am so happy you are back.
  9. Skype: or as my dad calls it the 8th Wonder of the World.
  10. Cute Toes: Umm weirdly enough you know who notices cute toes and sandals the most is guys.  And my mom and then my girlfriends but here is my question why not red toes and flowers with a sea themed sandal star fish included.

2 I Hate as Much as Winter:

  1. Rent going up.
  2. Non working people not getting that you cannot meet on a Tuesday at 9am. Fine don’t work but realize the rest of us are stuck in our 9-5 lives. .

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