Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The fine line between Love and Obsession

I don't know about you but I walk this line often.  And more often than not I'm using this equality to justify my obsessions.  But those are only on the terrible things.  The things I am about to show you are only light and happiness and should be embraced!!! 

1.  Nine West Shoes.  Pretty much they're the best things ever.  Not only are they uber comfortable but they are just dang sexy.  Case in point the new shoe love I got in Chicago this last weekend.  Please witness the hot pink, the snakeskin, the leather.  I have a weakness for shoes and this particular pair could not be passed up!

2.  Purses.  Lately I have been craving a new bag and finding the one that I've been looking for was a cherry on top.  Metallic colors are in right now and this copper color is pretty much the best thing of my life.  It goes with everything I wear and it's huge and the detail on the purse straps are just fantastic.

3.  Justified.  Gonna have to echo Cor right here and just say ohmyTimothyOlyphant. Oh. My.  He's just so amazing.  And you do loathe the red neck hicks that are the bad guys, I am however amazingly drawn to Boyd.  He's the best bad guy turned "good" ever.  Love this show.

4.  Jamba Juice.  There is NO jamba juice in the entire state of Michigan which is pretty much the crime of the century.  But, I got a taste of it in Chicago this past weekend and I wish that I could have it every day.  Honestly, they really need this here and I wish I could drop out of school and open one myself.

5.  My Camera.  Honestly I can't get enough of taking pictures of what's around me.  I've never been in a place that had spring like this and the fog around Chicago seriously took me in.  I mean look at these gorgeous skyline shots!!

6.  Sweet Potato Fries.  Anyone who knows me knows my love/obsession for french fries.  It is often the reason for my extra running and working out.  But now I not only love french fries but sweet potato fries as well.  They are pretty much simple amazing.  I recently purchased a bag of them from Costco and now whenever my heart desires I get to bake them up and indulge!

7.  Family.  I miss them like crazy crazy, especially when they're all together without me.  But then the prospect of seeing them in two weeks makes me more than happy.  And it can almost overcome my complete apathy towards my life at the moment.

8.  Iron Man II.  I get to see it this Friday on opening day and I can't wait.  It looks so awesome and totally my kind of movie. 

9.  Thunderstorms.  We get some real thunderstorms here in Ann Arbor, the kind that wake you up from a dead sleep.  They are pretty much the most spectacular things ever and I could sit and watch them for hours.

10.  Summer.  I despise school right now and am just so glad that it's done for a little while.  It's still haunting me but not as terrible as it was when class was actually in session.

And at the moment I'm hating on fellowships.  They trick you with what an honor they when in reality they're set in place merely to tear down your self esteem and present opportunities for you to cry in public.

Top 10 List 5/5/10

I am so sorry, really I actually am that I have been an absentee blogger lately. There are really good reasons believe me! But I am back and promise never to leave- not that I won't be absent on occasion but I will never fully walk out on you. So here it is bare bones style since I need to get this out there!

1. Concerts in ABQ: Lenny Kravitz- June he could make me do things I regret I even bought a skirt that is as high as I will go for this concert. Rihanna- July shake it fun, might need to recycle that skirt. Muse-October umm yes rock out, I heard they are amazing in concerts so hear is hoping that rumor is true!

2. Passion Pit: They are coming with Muse in October, and have been in heavy rotation on the old iPod for a while. They make me want to dance but at the same time they are so layered and rich you do not exactly know how. Amazing on a good speaker system. Faves: Little Secrets & Sleepyhead

3. Cafeteria: I know work at a place with a cafeteria and as an employee I also get to eat for cheap. So who knew the best breakfast burritos would be in a hospital cafeteria. Also randomly delish Gyros.

4. Glee is Back! And so is OTH & NJ Housewives & RW/RR Challenge & FNL this Friday!: And they are all good which is even more amazing! I have to admit I totally dig Kenny even though he calls himself Mr. Beautiful.

5. Massage Envy: I hurt so good and am also quite surprised my Message Therapist was a tiny little chica and yet she brought the deep tissue. You should do this it as cheap as it is going to get and you deserve it.

6. Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes: A lot has been going on lately from my fam to work to life and it was good, bad & just plain complicated. I am amazed at how easy my family rolls with it.

7. The Losers: Granted I saw way more of Zoe Saldana than I wanted to see but it was a popcorn movie at its very finest. Jeffrey Dean Morgan the most lovely voice, and everyone else played their roles just perfectly.

8. Emma the Miniseries: I was surprised how much I liked this miniseries but it was just witty and the banter is priceless as only Austen can do. I also love Johnny Lee Miller and he is the great in his part completely transparent but not.

9. Ride to California by The Paper Tongues: Just listen and even though slightly angry sounding you will love this tune.

10. Justified: Umm Oh my Timothy Olyphant! I could stop there but I won't I love this show because it is black and white the bad guys are really bad and you are glad when they are gone.

And 2 I Really Just Want to Go AwaY:

1. Dog=Sick @ 1 AM

2. Stress Talkers: you know them, you have them all they do is talk about how stressed they are and they say rude things like oh it is nice you have time for that. They make you want to punch them in the throat. And really we all know the super stressed people ,the actually stressed people only share their feelings with a small group and their half full plate is these people's overflowed plate.