Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 10 Fave Moments This Year

It is tiem to wrap this year up and put a bow on it.

1. Graduating From School- Although this was not only the year I graduated but also the year Heidi and my cousin Whit graduated, along with another cousin from HS, it was all fun and memorable. I had lots of love and support at the ceremony and the house was packed to the gills after with all our extended family- friends included. Nothing better than a house full of love.
2. Actually Liking a Star Trek-This year I discovered a lot of new stuff I am currently obsessed with from music to tv shows I just got into. And overall I think it was just a stellar year for a lot of shows, have you seen Dollhouse lately insane! And there were a lot of these moments that left me staring blankly in shock at the telly. Glee, The Hurt Locker, Noisettes- I am talking about you and that is only the surface.
3. Moving Out- So there were some obstacles but as of right now, it is good. And well it is always fun to decorate your own place.
4. Sending Heidi Away to Conquer Academia- Although I wish she was closer, what can you do? I love that my little Heidi so bravely went off to her grad program, and really has tried her hardest to make the best of it. I know it is has been beyond hard but she has stuck it out and I know she will be successful!
5. Good Concert Year-U2, No Doubt, and some others all great shows, reminded me I need to get out to concerts more often. And if Jay-Z would have come he woudl have been great too.
6. All of Us Together for the Whole Year- whole family in the same state while bumpy is definitely more fun.
7. Getting an Awesome Little from BBBS
- She is as cute as can be and thoughtful, smart and just overall great. Reminded me why I love to volunteer.
8. See this Skin I like It- So more than any other year up to now, I have just settled into being me and well if you have not yet experienced this try to get there because it makes life far more even keel and way more fun.
9. Midnight Shopping in Santé Fe, Disney Pre Hurricane, etc. etc. etc.- Mi madre es crazy, and the rest of us are just enablers but hey we have a lot of fun. Because you know what is better than a 50% off sweater, a 50% off sweater at midnight! Actually now that I think about it that may have been my idea.
10. This Christmas: although it has not happened yet I think it will be memorable and great.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ten things I'm grateful for this Thanks

Yes I know I'm late...but still thankful.

1. Being able to go home and see my family and friends. Definitely number one on my list because I have missed them so much lately.
2. Shopping with awesome sales. Christmas shopping is way easier when I just run across something and it's on sale. Although I spend miles and miles too much money over the week I was home, it was pretty worth it.
3. Flying home. This is awesome because I had time to read the books that I wanted to read. That always makes me happier.
4. Um the food! My stuffing was I must say awesome and I couldn't get enough of it. Some other highlights were the mashed potatoes, our prime rib (we don't really do turkey), and the awesome cornbread my friend Tony made. So so good.
5. Taking our family picture. This doesn't sound good at first because inevitably everyone gets upset, my dad is annoyed and my mom doesn't think she looks good, Abbey is trying to get everyone to look and Meg is trying to entertain babies. But I love pictures and I mostly think it's funny that everyone gets so stressed about it.
6. My new Christmas present from Cory. Yes we got each other the same thing and yes it's awesome. Can't wait to use it.
7. Watching football with my entire family. I know it's the fam thing again but watching football with them is so much more fun than by myself. I'll include people watching with them in here too because I just can't get enough of it.
8. Seeing my puppies. I miss them so much and we just needed to have some good chats together.
9. Not worrying about school. For five glorious days I managed to not worry at all about school. Yes I'm stressed out of my mind about it but for a while there I could forget. And usually in fall semester about the time Thanks rolls around I'm ready to commit murder to avoid school.
10. Realizing all the things I'm thankful for that I took for granted when I lived with family and friends.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Top Ten 10 Things To Make as Gifts this Christmas….

Disclaimer: making gifts if done right takes more time and effort than buying a gift ever would. They are truly a labor of love. Here is the list:

1. Mix CDs: This is only ok if they are amazing. Either make a set like Best of Rock, Pop, Etc. Or Road Trip CD, Breaking Up CD, Christmas CD, Don’t Feel Good CD, Angry CD. Or a CD for each month. All should have notes and be decorated-see what I mean it is harder.
2. Note Cards: When my sister turned 19 I made her 20 note cards each had a reason why I liked her. Now since I am no artist I just wrote them out in different colors and it was only part of a gift. But if you are artistically inclined you could draw the reason, take a photo, make a scrapbook, once you start ideas will flood believe me. Oh and don’t forgot one to grow on.
3. Bouquet of Something: I am pretty sure I stole this idea. But what do they love wooden spoons, Sharpies, School Supplies, Golf, anything that can be placed as a bouquet will work. Just tie together and put in a vase.
4. Heart Attack: So this is something really lame you usually do for someone just for fun. But basically you cut out card stock hearts write why you love someone on the hearts. Then glue the hearts to forks (fork down) and stick them in their lawn and doorbell ditch. This is harder to do in say a colder climate because the ground is too hard to get a fork into.
5. Scrapbook Pages: This one is hard because it is really easy to get overwhelmed. I am a tad OCD about my pages so I can do a few in an hour. And this is one where you have to go above and beyond otherwise it just looks like you slapped something together. First off do you have enough pictures? I planned to do this for my brother once and then came to find I only had a handful of pictures, and not the 10 pages I hoped for.
6. Letter: This is just nice with any gift. A handwritten letter is always cherished in my book. Tell them your fave Christmas memory of them. 10 reasons you love them, 10 things only you two laugh at, 10 fave moments with them or just tell them you love and are proud of them.
7. What Can you Do?: I have a friend who can free draw amazingly well she handmade a calendar. Another she is a pro at Photoshop she also made a calendar. Me I can take pretty good portraits (not technically great) but the person looks like themselves and I take a ton so there is always at least one good one. You can take portraits of your brothers and sisters for your mom. The place you used to vacation, the house you grew up in, it goes on and on.
8. Recipes: This one can really be a labor of love. You have a sister who bakes? Or a couple of siblings who would love copies of Grandma’s recipes? Copy them over and put them in a book for them to start and have. Or print and bind them.
9. Kits: So many ways to go on this one. Heidi makes date kits for her parents. I made her a road trip kit when she left for MI. Let’s say they are about to change jobs. Make them a new job kit, something to put on their desk, some inspirational quotes, a list of sick excuses, a list of things to never say to your coworkers, a list of lunch places around their new office, letters for along the way: open at your first lunch, open when you get home after your first week there, open when you need a pep talk, etc.
10. What do they like?: Are they all about baking- make them a baking kit. Do they love the spa treatments make some bath salts, hair treatment etc. If you have the time and the effort you can always find something.

And 2 I Don’t Like That I Always Receive...
1. Anything that is cute yet useless: it will just sit in your closet. Oh a fuzzy paperweight with my initials thanks so much! A remote control cozy awesome! A handmade doll I am 23 with no kids and they kind of creep me out, but it sure is pretty! Oh sweet another throw pillow I have an even doezen now yay!
2. I Like to Make This So That is What You Are Getting: I like to scrapbook so someone has to drop a hint if they want pages, otherwise I just think I am doing it for my own enjoyment. I also make a mean cheese ball but you may hate cheese. On the other hand my sister makes cookies every year for her group of friends and it usually involves at least 6 separate types of cookies and a decorative tin so who would not want that. Just be sure you are making a gift for someone not just continuing your hobby.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Top 10 Things I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Because that is what it is all about right...

1. That my whole family will be in the same house that night: and all the things that go with that. From all our dogs to all of us it usually gets pretty funny pretty quick.

2. I get to try a new Truffle and Roll Recipe: Yes I am a cooking nerd and I am excited to try these recipes, and figure out what a double boiler is by then hopefully.

3. Heidi is coming back to NM: Which usually means too much food and shopping and well who hates that. I am sure we will also discuss very important issues like why we love The Vampire Diaries so much, who is bothering us, and whether those jeans make our bums look good or not.

4. Dad’s Pancakes the day after: So good!

5. Real Mashed Potatoes the Day of: Also Very good and pretty much the only time I get them all year.

6. Break: As in no work!

7. Excuse to Bail: As in sorry I will be out in the mountains that day.

8. The Parade: Fun every year and tradition- which I believe in.

9. The Hi-Jinks at Wal-Mart the Day Before: Yes me and my mom are going to get most of the groceries the day before at Wal-Mart. Some would call this a suicide mission I would agree but what are two very busy people to do.

10. The fact We are a Month away from Christmas: I got 2 words for you Sparkly Lights!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Top Ten Tribute to My Boys

I figured now that I have ten boys on my list (just mine mind you, not the undecided ones) that I would do a little tribute to each one of them. And give me a chance to stare....

If you don't like them....I don't even know what to say then.

Zachary Quinto - First seen and noticed in Star Trek, then totally adored in Heroes. Yes he's the bad guy, the aloof one, but that's what draws me in. You can just tell there is more going on behind his eyes and you just want to sit and watch him.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Um I don't even know when I first saw him but in The Tudors....um wow. They were all slutty but that just meant that there was more of him to see. And then in August Rush the boy sings and you kind of just want to melt. Just pretty.

Christian Bale* - First seen in Newsies. Captured my heart then and there. He sings as well which I just can't get over. Then in Little Women you're totally on his side until he marries Amy! All his movies are amazing because he gets so far into character. His Batman is my favorite aside from the weird fake voice when he's actually Batman...

Ryan Reynolds* - First seen in Van Wilder. So sarcastic and funny and witty. He would just be the guy you sit with all day and it can just be chill and you can just laugh about anything. And then he's just beautifully defined in all areas. Totally just melts my heart with how sweet he is in Definitely, Maybe. So cute.

Cam Gigandet - First seen in the O.C. Oh my yum this kid just epitomizes bad boy and makes me want to do drugs and drink and move out of my house at 15.... If you can't tell already I'm just a dang sucker for abs and his I think are just the very best. Yum. And then his Gap ad....I just want to go buy Gap Men's clothes so that the guys I know can look like that too. Plus he is just adorable with his daughter.

Robert Buckley - First seen on Lipstick Jungle. He totally exudes confidence and just seems like the kind of guy who would treat a girl like gold. And again with the abs....Am I a broken record here or are they just that good?!

Ian SMOLDERHALDER(Somerhalder) - First seen on Vampire Diaries. Um bad boy much. I have to quote my sis in that he just looks like he would break your heart, he would enjoy doing it, and I would enjoy letting him do it because just one look in my direction with those beautiful eyes and I'd be gone....

Bradley Cooper - First seen on Alias. If there is one thing I love more than abs (and he has good ones too) it's laughing. And Bradley Cooper just has the face that is made to be smiling and laughing. It would never be a dull moment, and you'd have some excellent arm candy.

Wentworth Miller - First seen on Prison Break. I love the intenseness of this boy. Some might call it brooding but I love that it means that, even if he isn't, it seems like he's thinking, and hopefully he's thinking that intensely about you!

Zachary Levi* - First seen on Chuck. It could just be his character, but he's a nerd. A really good looking nerd that doesn't think he's cute or smart or capable of saving the world. He's just so humble and unassuming yet confident in who he is. Cuteness.

And just to shake it up, instead of a couple boys I don't like, some more boys that I do like...but haven't been able to pry them from Cor yet ; ).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Top 10 Shows You Should Have Watched

Because then we might still have them...

1. Alias: Jen Garner will always be Sydney Bristow to me which I why I always believe she could kick my a**. This show was amazing and introduced the world to not only Jen Garner but also Bradley Cooper! It lost its footing a bit at the end of the third season but at the end it gave the fans what they wanted. I would try to explain this show to you but like Lost it would take a whole lot! So here is a basic description Jen Garner is a secret agent working for the CIA, we follow her, her handlers and team members, and all the regular folks in her normal everyday life who have no idea what she does. Oh and there are like a million twists- not an exaggeration.

2. Veronica Mars: No one had as many great one liners as this show. About a teen sleuth who lives in a small town with some issues. Veronica is trying to solve her best friend’s murder. Equal parts family drama, mystery, teen drama, small town drama and hilarious. Just watch it you will love it.

3. Keen Eddie: An American Detective gets sent to England to solve a drug ring. He interacts with the British- that is all I needed! Mark Valley also not bad on the eyes, his English Partner witty & awkward as can be. And yes that is Sienna Miller as his annoying flat mate. Just thinking about it makes me want to pull the DVDs out.

4. Life: So how is this for Original an alleged dirty cop gets sent to jail for killing his partner & family, years later they overturn his case because it wasn’t him and part of his settlement he wants back on the force. Damien Lewis is the best in this show and you should watch it just for him. Not to mention him trying to solve the murder he was sent to jail for and a new case each week. Plus watch him reenter the world after being in prison for so long. Oh and that is just the surface.

5. Life On Mars: A remake of a British Show that has a cop fall into a coma and end up back as a cop in the 1970’s NYC. He is trying to figure out why he is there, live, and how to get back.

6. The Black Donnellys: Gritty & Dark & Dramatic about a set of Irish brothers who just keep making the wrong decisions. And in their neighborhood it gets dangerous. Tommy the smartest/responsible/legit brother tries to keep them out of trouble but just watch and you will see why he cannot. This is one of those shows where guys are always surprised you admitted you love.

7. Kitchen Confidential: Bradley Cooper again this show is based on Anthony Bourdain’s cooking career in NYC and the entire kitchen he puts together are funny characters.

8. Popular: You know that show Glee- that everyone is digging right now well Ryan Murphy created/ran this show first and it is even snarkier. A hilarious take on high school politics with a lot of crazy antics thrown in. I literally laugh out loud in every episode, and then feel bad for laughing at such meanness.

9. Buffy: I know we got 7 seasons but really that whole moving to the UPN thing-lame. And well you missed out so check it out and Joss Whedon’s current show Dollhouse which is also very good.

10. The American Embassy: this show was on all the way back in 2002 and only for a month. But it made such an impact on me I wanted this girl’s job so much! A young American woman takes an Embassy job in London for adventure and to get away from her family. It is the only show I can think of that was based in an embassy and I wish it had lasted longer. Plus the whole American Coworker CIA guy verse local British Playboy don’t you want your date nights to consist of that!

And 2 that deserved to get completely and totally axed!
1.The Beautiful Life:
Really I am ashamed I wasted an hour watching this awful show with worse acting. But in my defense I was cleaning and it was the only thing on.
2.Wedding Cashers: this craptastic reality show replaced Donnelllys imagine my surprise when I tuned in. Really only Owen & Vince can pull that off guys and with real people’s weddings it is not as funny- just seeing the premise made me change the channel.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 10 Things to Love about Fall

I do believe this is my favorite time of year...so just more things that I love.

1. The weather getting colder. Sorry Cor but I adore having it be sunny outside but kind of chilly. So you get to wear cute coats and things but still have it be sunny!

2. Cute coats, boots, leggings, scarves or any other winter attire. It just adds so much diversity to your look and you can definitely have a ton of fun playing around with different colors, patterns and fabrics. I have about ten different scarves all kinds of colors (mostly plain color because that's me but patterns are adorable on others) and I just pick one to complement my outfit. The possibilities or look and cuteness are endless.

3. Leggings and Tights. This is a whole other one just because it's so awesome. Go to Target right now and they are having a sale on knee high socks, thigh high socks, tights, and footless tights (leggings). It's fantastic and they have all manner of patterns. I got some patterned tights and argyle ones just the other day. So cute to pair a dress you might have worn in summer with some cute tights/leggings and then into your fav boots.

4. Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. Okay Starbucks has this amazing thing called signature hot chocolate (why they even have the other kind I have not yet figured out....but) and then they add hazelnut flavoring into it. Just breath that sucker in. I don't like nuts but this is the perfect balance of the smoothness of nuts without actual nuts, and then chocolate. And I don't usually get the whip cream but it also adds a great deal! And then of course apple cider (YUM and my year round fav) and other kinds of hot chocolate. Perfect for chilly mornings.

5. Days when I can just rock the hoodie and sweats. Usually this is at night after I've gotten home from work but really, what is better than just sitting, sipping your hot chocolate, in a hoodie and sweats. Nothing that's what. I never get tired of the lounge pants and hoodies just make me feel so much better about myself because you can't tell whether I'm skinny or not!

6. Decorating my house. Although I haven't done it this year, in past years this is the best. Only in the fall do you have so many holidays to decorate for, and as a closet designer who has their future home all planned out, this is just pure fun. I mostly can't let myself going into stores like Micheal's, but when I do it's like a kid in a candy store, all the possibilities of making your home fun and festive. And you can do anything from really small (for just your room or apartment) to all out house extravaganza!

7. Music. I start getting excited about Christmas music in October. Don't worry all you sticklers, I don't actually start listening to it until after Thanksgiving, but I'm still excited about it long before then. I miss it so much through the year and listen to it almost non-stop during the acceptable time period. They're all the same songs but different people's voices change them so much! And of course the instrumentals like Manheim Steamroller are just classic quality that must be listened to every year.

8. Blankets. Wrapping up in a blanket or putting an extra one on my bed are a definite highlight. I don't have to worry anymore about being too hot to sleep. I get to be all cozy and cuddly and pretend like it's a snow day and I don't have to go to school or work.

9. Slathering on lotion. It becomes a necessity for me in the winter but I love it. I am forced to take extra good care of my skin and let it shine! Before you go to bed, get some heavy duty lotion, the kind you don't normally like because you feel greasy afterwards, slather it on your feet, put on some thick socks then go to bed. Your feet with thank you.

10. Making cookies. For the holidays it's somehow universally accepted that people make cookies for each other. This is the time I try out new recipes I have been thinking all year of doing. I take my sugar cookie recipe and get a really fun cookie cutter and just go to town. Ya it's a mess to clean up your kitchen but what's better than listening to Christmas music, or watching White Christmas, while you tear it up in the kitchen making yummy things and forgetting the consequences?!

And a couple of things that don't make fall enjoyable:
* Unpredictable weather, it's all cold outside so I wrap up and then it gets hot and I have to lug my coat around. Or warm in the morning so don't bring my huge coat then freezing the entire day!

* Worrying about my car being able to do everything it needs to when it's cold. Too much stress! And then dealing with mechanics who think because I'm a girl I deserve to be talked down to.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 10 Things to Do In the Fall:

If you don't get you should go visit it....
1. Wear Boots and a Sweater: I know it is fall when I start to pull the boots out from under the bed and am digging through my sweaters. A little trick I do to stay warm, because I loathe being cold- leggings as tights tucked into my boots keeps me really warm and comfy. I also do the knee socks and boots thing too, and the textured tights thing, and the jeans tucked in thing- what can I say I love my boots. I also have a thing for a long sweater I have at least a half dozen.
2. See a Play: You can do this all year long but it is more fun to dress up in the winter because you get to also do the amazing coat thing. And for some reason all the plays I want to see are in the fall. We have a local theater company, school troupe and a place where national touring groups come through so you can usually find something you like and in your price range.
3. Drink Cocoa: I make it, drink it for breakfast and just love overall. It really warms you up when you need it and screams fall at me.
4. Go To A Football Game: Yes the Lobos are not doing that great and you will freeze on those metal bleachers. But go and cheer and huddle together for warmth, and I am sorry as a girl who sat through a game in a hale/snow storm in a Northern state nonetheless, I have no sympathy for you.
5. Buy Some Ridiculous Flannel PJs: Or in my case have “Santa” gift them to me. So far I have ones with dogs in Christmas gear, traveling gnomes and Russian Nesting dolls on them. All from Target and Nick and Nora and all comfy as Clive Owen is hot.
6. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub: Have you ever had a salt scrub well then you have never been hurt so good? Can’t afford the spa (even as a present?) then make your own sugar scrub-Google it and you will get at least one you want to try. Otherwise I start to not recognize my own skin.
7. See The Nutcracker: Kind of falls under 2 but at least once in your life, ok at least once in your girl life you need to see The Nutcracker done right. Me I saw it by the San Francisco Ballet when I was 11, amazing is all I can say. Not an option rent it.
8. Pumpkin Patch: When I was a kid we all got to pick our own pumpkins and then carve them. I loved the power of walking around all these pumpkins at the patch and making my choice. My dad who is an expert carver puts us all to shame but we always got our own and could do whatever we wanted. It is a family tradition, my parents even did it the first year they were married.
9. Make Soup: I tend to go for Tortilla Soup or Potato Broccoli. It warms the house and the belly and there is nothing better with bread.
10. Snowball, Angel, House, etc.: Make one, throw one, commune with the snow. At least take your dogs out to play in it, or take some pictures. You only get so much!

And Here are 2 Things I Don't Appreciate Fall!
1. Snow on my car: Not the best present in the AM.
2. More Laundry: All those layers really add up.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Top 10 Current Obsessions 10/16/09

If these were people I would be a stalker.... this week link-ful click and be happy.

1. Ritz Crackers- Umm I picked up a box of these at the store a couple of weeks ago and now must always have them. They are part of my just in case I forget my lunch stash in my desk and also very useful for the whole just in case I am freaking starving in the afternoon stash, same drawer other side.

2. Snuggies for Dogs: Yes this is what my dog will be receiving for Christmas and no I do not usually give gifts to my dog Lucy unless you count oh I don’t know feeding her.

3. Sonic Drinks: Yesterday AM I needed something I had $2 so I stopped here and it really help me make it through the day. My liver & kidneys I am sure are unhappy, but me good. Sorry H don't mean to rub my Sonic in your face.

4. Something To Look Forward To: Do it people and write it with a pretty pen on your calendar it will put some kick in your step.

5. Glee CD: Umm yay and all on one CD of lovely covers and perfectly harmonized voices- one gripe where is It’s My Life/Confessions?

6. Big Mama Blog: I have no kids and really who needs them at this point in my life! But this site is very funny and her comments on waiting and Friday Fashion posts are very realistic and useful.

7. Madonna Greatest Hits CD: Get into the groove boy you got move.... And tons more make me feel like a teenager although I was all of a toddler in the 80’s.

8. Balloon Fiesta: Kind of late but it really brightens my drive to work and this year was the first year I got to go. And even though the balloons did not go up that day- I still had fun. Highlight: the 2 teens with the Starsky & Hutch name badges. Oh I laugh.

9. The Satorialist: I am not a high fashion girl simply put in NM and on my budget with my curves it is not a reality. But I do like the classic silhouettes he photographs and really his photos are stunning, waste 5 mins or days at this site. By a guy who simply photographs what he likes on the street in Fashion.

10. Friends Who Call You Out: As in where are you? You need to be here! The absolute best.

And just so you don’t think I am all about the love, here are 2 things I Do Not Like!
1. Hand Sanitizer: I could give you a whole bio lesson on its evils. Simply put in a pinch it is great otherwise wash your hands normally and it is just as good.
2. Speed Bumps: I get your point still hate ya.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Go to a Concert

I am going to see U2 in Glendale in 4 days and just got my Jay-z tix and have also been lining up other shows. So in honor of that here are 10 reasons to go to a concert- like you really even need them. I have never regretted going to a concert only not going.

1. You Love them: Buy every CD, know all the words, follow them. Why not see them live?

2. You get the Story: As in I was wrote this song because of X. Or you get antidotes like I really am sick of singling this song because of X. Gives you another reason to love your fave song- I have never had one ruined for me.

3. Better- Live: Good Bands sound the same live in fact they sound better it is like going from your puny little TV and getting a Flat Screen.

4. Brings Friends Together: You would be amazed how many people you have no idea like the bands you like. And how many people were at that concert with you and you did not even know it. It also is something to do with friends that is different and new.

5. Makes the CD Even Better: I always end up pulling out the CDs before I go and then keeping them in rotation after a concert. Same old CDs with a new appreciation and new memories tied to it.

6. Sing Out Loud/Dance Along: Um you know the words sing a long, and there is no shame in shaking your hips like no one is there. Not only will it make it more fun but you will burn some calories.

7. Memories: From the corner of your mind… umm yeah remember the time we went to see No Doubt and everyone screamed “I’m Just a Girl.” Or the time Coldplay was like right there a row away from us and Chris Martin was all thanks for being such a great crowd and you really felt that. Or when I almost jacked my car trying to get out of Journal, its ok I can laugh now.

8. Rock God Love: Gavin Degraw is short he also never takes his hat off, so I have no idea what is going on under there. As a girl who is six feet barefoot and would tower over Gavin I find him adorable but not for me. Then I saw him in concert with his sparkly little piano and he sang his heart out and was quite endearing made me re-think that boy.

9. People-Watching: Did you just see the girl with the handmade shirt? What about the guy my dad dubbed “Tigger” because he was always bouncing? Or the girl doing the hippie arm wave like she is feeling the music for pretty much the whole concert? Wait a second I totally almost punched that drunken guy too! No oh wait you didn’t go.

10. Opening Bands/New Music: You like the band you are seeing maybe you will find some new music through their opening bands. Or maybe they have someone awful with them or someone you already know. Either way it is a great appetizer before the main show comes out.

And Here are 2 Things You Don’t Need At Any Concert
1. People who go and no dancing or singing and look at you like a fool for doing so. Why did you come poser why!
2. Sloppy Drunks: I am cool get your buzz on but the minute you get all touchy feely, fall down, and slosh your beer on me I might pull the B card. Drink like a man dude and learn to hold your liquor.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top Ten Shows of Fall

Uh these shows make my world go round.

*Vampire Diaries - Man what I can I say. I'm pretty sure that I could just gush about this show I love it so. First the men are just beautifully defined. There's just no other way to describe it. Second, when they turn vampire-y they actually scare me. Which I totally dig. There hasn't been a vamp that scared me since Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire. Yes the story is not exactly new but it feels different and fresh.

*Glee - If I were prone to using acronyms like lol or something like that I would use lmao here because honestly this show is hilarious. These kids are awkward and weird and truly messed up. But they're funny. And holy cow can they sing. Jane Lynch is my favorite villian and each week I can't wait for the next thing to come.

*Community - Joel McHale is everything I love. Funny, sarcastic, good looking and the whole scenario of community college is priceless. The weirdest people go there and this show captures it well. The supporting cast is amazing as well from John Oliver to Chevy Chase and the Indian guy, they're so so funny together. I don't really like the main girl but I can overlook it for the rest of the show.

*Private Practice - My love of this show could go back to Tim Daly being in Wings which I watched quite often, but it really is a good drama. I also love Kate Walsh's character and the whole dynamic of the other cast. It's not quite as fantastically dramatic as Grey's so it's a nice step back while not being boring.

*Grey's Anatomy - I don't know what else to say about this show but I love it. Next week someone is supposedly leaving the hospital and I am just going to be upset if it's Derek. He and Meredith are finally okay together so screwing it up would be terrible...

*NCIS LA - I am pretty sure I can feel Cory's disapproval here of all things NCIS, I however love it. I really really like Chris O'Donnell and the dynamic he has LL Cool J is really funny. They're solving crime and it's entertaining to watch. Plus I love a show with a good psychologist in it and this one definitely provides.

*House - Who doesn't like House? He says what everyone wishes they could say, only wittier. So many good one liners have come from this show. He is just interesting to watch. You get to watch him have epiphanies and everyone else on the show try and keep up. I also love Wilson and his dilligence to keeping House under control. Plus the other doctors are always good for a little drama as well.

*Lie To Me - I'm a psychology nerd so watching people analyze body language to decide if they're lying is fascinating. And Cal Lightman is really sarcastic and witty as well which is my favorite. Trying to figure out the puzzles while they are trying to figure them out really keeps you interested in the show.

*The Office - Not quite as good as the first couple of seasons but always good for a laugh. Whether it's the creepiness of Creed, the madness of Dwight, or just how funny Jim is, it's always entertaining.

*Gossip Girl - I've had an up and down relationship with Gossip Girl but this season has been doing well. I really like Chuck and Blair together and watching them interact with everyone else is always good. Serena is crazy but you just accept that. Real college is not this dramatic so it's fun to watch how it should never be.

Shows I'm not so thrilled with this fall:
*One Tree Hill - Despite the addition of the beautiful Robert Buckley OTH is just off this fall. I'm not sure what exactly it is, it's just uninteresting and ridiculous. Disappointment.

*Melrose Place - Here's how I know a bad show: I change the channel in the middle. Even shows I've never seen hold my interest for one episode just because I want to see what happened. Melrose though, I don't even care what happens.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Top 10 Obsessions 10/9/09

If these were people I would be a stalker

1. Vampire Diaries: Love and don’t miss has spurred conversations with my friends which is when I know that a show is becoming part of my pop family. Not complicated but also not stale, a fun hour of television that is intense and funny at times.

2. Glamour Daily Emails: As in the magazine. I get lovely daily emails filled with fashion tips and sale notices, also cute little articles like the “5 Reason You Should Thank Coco Chanel.” My favorite reason she started the whole women wearing pants thing, as in literally took some from a male rider and sewed them to fit her. Because she said you cannot ride a horse in a skirt.

3. Rediscovering Music: I know I mentioned it before as in the post before this one but really look through your stuff you will be surprised how much it makes you remember. And how many songs you know all the words too and still love.

4. Fresh Mozzarella: Or as I say mozza awful yet delicious. Makes everything more tasty and really just that and a slice of tomato and I am pretty happy.

5. Having A Mary Kay Mom: So Nice to go home and come back to my apartment with not only food but a new moisturizer. I also get to try everything out which is also cool.

6. Friends & Dinner: Especially ones who will pick and mean it. Gives you some time to catch up and something to look forward to.

7. Santa Ana Winds: Some people hate them I love them they blow something into the air and tell me that I need to pack up the summer stuff because fall is coming.

8. Road Rules/Real World Challenge: The Ruins: It is like watching an extremely dysfunctional family try to get along on a trip where there just happen to obstacles. Oh and everyone is completely out for themselves.

9. Glee & Jane Lynch: I laugh so much when this show is on and love the musical numbers. But Jane Lynch really in her Adidas track suits in a rainbow of colors, is just hilarious.

10. McLeod’s Daughters: Australian night soap about a bunch of chicks running a cattle station. I just started to re-watch it again and it sucked me right back in! The men are tall, the work is long & hard and the scenery is breathtaking.

And just so you don’t think I am all about the love, here are 2 things I Do Not Like!

1. Letterman don’t even get me started.

2. The kid with Swine Flu in my class coughing too much and threatening my health.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top 10 Albums I Found Again

It is raining here in ABQ and for some reason that makes me nostalgic. Maybe it is because I get to pull out all my boots and sweaters or am spending more time indoors. I don’t know but yesterday I was looking through my music to make a playlist for the next couple of weeks. And I came across all these CDs I love and they actually were CDs I bought and have in a drawer somewhere. So here is a list of some CDs I always find good , want to hear and never get sick of all the way though. A lot of these are compilation/greatest hits CDs yeah I will admit I can be a fair weather fan!

1. Jimmy Eat World… Bleed American: This CD will forever remind me of high school, it is amazing and still is. I love this CD because it was one of the only ones pre-iPod I could put on in the car and not skip through. In fact somewhere along the line it got scratched and you can hear it but I don’t even care. Faves: Praise Chorus, The Middle, Sweetness, Hear You Me (a Great song to end a mix CD with- just listen to the lyrics), Get It Faster, Authority Song

2. The Police… Every Breath You Take: The Classics: I love The Police and have more but this is a great compilation CD. You get all the good stuff. I think I stole this CD from my brother but considering how many of my CDs he has lost, wrecked, loaned out I will call it even. They were so good, sound dated but I still love. Faves: Message In a Bottle, King of Pain, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, De Do Do Do , De Da Da Da, Wrapped Around Your Finger

3. Janet Jackson… Design of A Decade: This CD I actually copied from my dad oh yeah he purchased and loved it. It is basically all the classic Janet- before she was ever in an Eddie Murphy movie. Faves: Runaway, Nasty, Miss You Much, Escapade, That’s the Way Love Goes

4. Gavin Degraw… Chariot: True Story this was the CD I had in my car my first day at Moriarty HS when I moved my senior year. I was wearing jeans I had since I was 14 and a guys polo- yeah you can see my lack of caring. I made a permanent enemy in the parking lot that very morning. But even she could not wreck the good mood brought on by singing along to this CD. Faves: Follow Through, Chariot, (Nice to Meet You) Anyway, Chemical Party, Crush , I Don’t Want to Be

5. Boomkat… Boomkatalog One: Love & Adore so much still amazing and the first CD I loaded onto my iPod. Pop music with great beats & lyrics and you got to love a girl who starts a song with “I came, I saw, I kicked some ass.” And you believe her. Faves: The Wreckoning, Now Understand This, Crazylove, What U Do 2 Me, Left Side/Right Side

6. Bend it Like Beckham… Soundtrack: Love this movie with all my heart. It was a perfect summer movie and the soundtrack is just as much fun. Pure fizzy pop as only the Brits can put together and some hilarious parts of the movie mixed in. Faves: Do Your Thang, Hot Hot Hot, Inner Smile, I Wish, Independence Day

7. No Doubt… Tragic Kingdom & Rock Steady: I got much love for No Doubt so had to have 2 plus saw them in concert this summer and they put on a great show. Tragic Kingdom is that CD that everyone had- made the band huge, one of the first CDs I ever bought. Rock Steady is their latest and has such a good sound to it. Faves (Tragic): Spiderwebs, Just a Girl, Different People, Sixteen, Sunday Morning, End It On This (Rock): Hella Good, Hey Baby, Making Out, Start The Fire, Platinum Blonde Life, Running (Pretty Much ALL)

8. Jack Johnson… In Between Dreams: It is not a summer mix if there is no Jack Johnson! While I have all his mellow guitar driven CDs this is my fave. Even the bright yellow cover makes me smile. Faves: Better Together, Never Know, Sitting Waiting Wishing, Banana Pancakes, Staple It Together (Pretty Much ALL)

9. Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits: Another compilation CD I know but I was 14 and not old enough to fully understand the coolness that is Lenny. So I picked this up at my local Best Buy- Man I have not been to one of those in a long while. Has all the songs you want on it and know from the radio a great CD that all love. Faves: Are You Gonna Go My Way, Fly Away, American Woman, I Belong To You, Let Love Rule.

10. Maroon 5 Songs About Jane: This CD came from a marathon music sharing at my cousin’s house in AZ, basically we pull out everyone’s iPods, computers and CDs and swap music the same way some people swap stories. And it was before Adam Levine became a Man Whore, just an all around good CD. Faves: Harder to Breathe, This Love, Shiver, The Sun, Must Get Out

While compiling this list I found about a dozen more CDs I love, but really I am sure you are sick of me already. So here are the 10 I know I love right now. Not my top 10- that would be like choosing between my bags.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Current Obsessions 9/26/09

Oh how I wish I had something witty to say....alas here are my drugs. Uh I mean obsessions. Currently.

1. Being sore. Alright let's be honest. Being sore hurts. It makes me grouchy that my knee is swollen, that I'm covered in bruises, that I can't stand up correctly, and that it hurts when I laugh. But that grouchiness is small. I adore being sore. It's the embodiment of the feeling that I have done something. I have used my body to do something it was meant to do. I'm sore because I'm not used to it but my muscles remember what it was like to be in shape, and they crave it. So they remind me to stretch them and work them more often. I highly recommend doing whatever it is you want to do to make yourself sore ;).

2. Cooking. When I was an undergrad I didn't do much cooking. I always had friends or family to go to eat with and honestly I much prefer my restaurants than to things I make. But since moving I have been alone a lot more, and going out to eat when I'm alone is just not fun. Also saving money to go shopping is better than eating alone any day. So bottom line, I've done more cooking. I've made lots of things that I love, like meatloaf, enchiladas, pancakes, cookies, whatever strikes my fancy. Have a craving - fulfill it. It's a beautiful process.

3. Coach's Fall Line. Right so I'm not going to be getting one of these now, much less from Coach online, I only shop outlet. But these purses are absolutely gorgeous. Okay some of them are butt ugly, but some. Oh some. Are almost my dream, if I were to design purses. I will perhaps have to pay a visit to one of the three outlets within an hour of me....sometime.

4. Boots. I love boots. I wish I wore them more often. But I have recently acquired some Ugg knockoff style boots that I cannot wait to wear! I am in the market for some other knee high boots, probably suade scrunch style. But regardless of what I'm looking for specifically, looking is just oh so much fun. I warn you though. It's dangerous.

5. Pictures/Photography. Pictures are my favorite. On the side of my computer I have a scrolling show of all my pictures. I love looking at the pictures, especially when I'm far away form those people. The memories in the pictures never fail to make me happy. I have also recently become obsessed with the wonders that photography presents. This is partly because pictures capture memories and I love that, and partly because you can do so many things with pictures. I am especially excited because the leaves are starting to change here. I can't wait until I have a new amazing camera!

6. Football. I'm an NFL girl. I love it and I adore the five shorts months I have to enjoy it. I haven't really ever been a school spirit girl, but since coming to Michigan, I figured a Big Ten school, I need to embrace. So I have become entrenched in college football. And let me tell you, there is nothing that can replace being in a stadium with over 100,000 people, standing all game in the student section, screaming your lungs out to different chants and cheers and watching your team win. It's truly an experience and I'm drinking it in. School spirit is definitely fun. I need more block M shirts though. It exhausts me however so I still love sitting on my couch watching my NFL players.

7. Fall TV. There really are some amazing options this fall. Summer was good but Fall. Ah. Glee is the funniest thing, Cougartown is hilariously awkward, Grey's drama, Vamp Diaries can't beat those men, The Office, Community (Joel McHale!!!), House, I can go on. Sure there are some duds, but there are also some true winners that keep me laughing through the frustration of work.

8. Guitar Hero. That's right I'm a nerd. But I'm a music nerd so I actually really love guitar hero. I got a wii for Christmas and have been biding my time until I could get guitar hero, and now I have it. I have no illusions about my skill, the fact that my coolness does not go up when I play, or anything like that, but in my heart, I really just do whatever I want to have fun. And guitar hero is fun. Don't judge.

9. Fluff Books. I normally am reading two to three books at once. One maybe two serious, really get things out of them books. And then one fluff book. One book that I can read in a night or a couple days, and just entertains. A book that can envelop me into the world and I can escape into it. It's an excellent release, and there's a book for every place you could want to escape to. For a while it was vampire books, then I went to "mean girl" type books, and now I'm on werewolves. Nothing truly earthshaking, but grounding none the less. (Cry Wolf, Patricia Briggs if you're wondering)

10. Three Weeks from Yesterday. My sister is coming then! Honestly I have been looking forward to this since I left Arizona. Part of me is sad that she's coming here and I'm not going back to AZ or NM, but I just can't wait to show her around. This obsession is not just for that weekend though, it's for all family, the kind you just have, and the kind you create. Cherish them all. I love my fam (adopted and not) with all my heart!

And just a couple of things that I don't crave like a drug.
1. Putting Away Laundry. Don't get me wrong. I do laundry. I love to have clean things and do it fairly often. I don't even mind folding it. I just hate putting away. It's not even that much more of a time investment I just hate it.

2. Un-cute Days. Everyone has them but I would really like to punch them in the face and then enlist back-up to beat them up further.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Top 10 Ways to Have Not Fought With Your Friend for Five Years & the Path To Best Friend

Me and H have known each other since HS, yeah don’t even ask what we were like because we are not those people anymore. But in all that time we have never fought- not once or a little at all. So here is some reasons we seem to make it work even when we are on separate sides of the USA. I told another friend one time that me and H had never fought and she straight out did not believe me. She said we must have not had enough hard situations or some BullS like that. Well me an H have spent 13 hours straight in a car together, gone on 2 trips together, worked at the same job together for a week, and have talked about stuff other people get grouchy about.
Both of us also came up with this list, that's how well we work together.

1. Compromise: So you saw the new boy gadget on the side, some people trade baseball cards, me and Heidi trade boys. You will not believe the discussions we have about who gets who. But on the serious side when me and H go on trips in the AM or if we are really proactive the night before we would sit down and basically say what both of us wanted to do that day and work out the day. And then during the day if something would show up we would discuss if we wanted to do that. These were small talks over in 5 mins tops but we both had our say.

2. Chillness: I don’t know how many times I have said to Heidi well I wish it could just be chill like us. Pretty much we roll with the punches always have. If I have to cancel, make it later, pick up 12 things on the way to whatever H does not care and me the same for her.

3. Talk It Out: We talk multiple times a day it is really quite ridiculous about anything and everything. From One Tree Hill last night, to our siblings, to school, to faith, and on and on. All this talking makes us good at it. So I have no problem telling H I am ordering the pasta she is getting the salad and we are splitting.

4. Share All Obsessions: reading a good book, found some great makeup, found a boy you love or one you don’t, family happiness & strife, church stuff, everything we swap and share. We have days where I am the one complaining there are days H complains, but it is nice to have that outlet and then no one else hears about it. I keep a stack of stuff for H books, music, we send each other mix CDs pretty much anything we are digging at the moment we swap. Which is another reason there is always something to talk about.

5. Acknowledge You Are a Glass House: Here is what I say when I am about to be mean so I am a glass house on this but I don’t like that. It just lets the other person know that yeah you get it you are not perfect but you are also not ok with whatever.

6. Similar Interests/Mutual Respect: Cor and I have many of the same interests, but we also have a lot of different interests. And while we love to talk about all the interests we share, we also like to share the interests we don't have in common. We might not adopt each other's different interests but we try them out and give each other the benefit of the doubt. So I sometimes ramble on and on to Cor about my fantasy football team, and she sometimes let's me know I'm almost unsaveable because I don't love Coldplay.

7. Trust: As mentioned in numero tres Cor and I talk a lot. And we talk about everything. I know that whatever I tell Cor she will give me honest feedback and she will keep it between us. And she knows she can get the same thing out of me. I know that if I'm unsure about an outfit choice, she's got my back. And if she's having a problem with school she can totally vent to me. She's always there to listen to me and I'll always be there for her.

8. Teasing: You might think this is a funny thing to put on the list, but it's fairly essential. Cor is not afraid to tell me that I am a tad psychotic in my obsession with Zachary Quinto. In fact I think our conversation went like this:
Me - Zachary Quinto!
Cor - Crazy!
And it made me laugh out loud. If we couldn't tease each other and laugh at ourselves then we wouldn't have nearly as much fun with each other. And we might run the risk of taking ourselves too seriously. We all have the buttons that threaten to pull us under, but teasing helps you laugh through them. And I'll always be there to tell Cory she's going a little crazy.

9. Strengths: Everyone has their own strengths. It's one of the beautiful thing about people. The hard part is realizing what your strengths are and respecting them in others. Cory has so many strengths I can't even count them and I love that about her because her strengths help my weaknesses. And I'm hoping that I can do the same for her. When I'm having a weak day she's there to help me be strong and I'm there for her.

10. Betterment: Cor and I are working hard at having awesome lives. And we're doing pretty well at it. But the best thing is that we're always there to try and help each other out as much as we can. We're just here to help make the other's life a little bit easier and a little bit more fun. So here's hoping that a little bit of my perfectness rubs off on Cor!

This post is an ode to all good friends and how much they mean to us and how much they make our lives better. The times you laughed so hard you were crying (even about the stupid things, you know who you are White House Man). The rough times you were there for each other. And the day to day moments that help you know you're important and your friends really ARE the best ever!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top 10 Current Obsessions 9/24/09

If these were people I would be a stalker

1. Mercy Tv Show: I was kind of half watching while cooking but I am intrigued and will DVR again. This show about nurses, where one is a returning vet from Iraq and having to deal with that plus fitting back into her old life is really good. It is also features 2 other nurses who were really great in their roles. NBC on Wends.

2. Fireflies by Owl City: I just like the picture this song paints in my head. Listen to it and you will see what I mean. Speaking of music have you ever downloaded music off of Amazon I keep finding stuff cheaper on there and they load it all into your iTunes for you.

3. Nine West Boots: Oh how I want you I mean really, if only you were actually cheaper. They also have a good version by Chinese Laundry on Zappos that are cheaper, but they don’t have my size! And still not the cheapest.

4. Girls on Pop Podcast: I find you funny and charming with your comments on pop culture! They also know how to talk about serious stuff too! With tact while saying what they really think.

5. Cougar Town: I completely forgot how funny Courtney Cox was I literally laughed out loud more than once and her supporting cast are all hilarious too. Her son, 2 best friends, neighbor – everyone had their highly funny moments. One line I remember: “Can we please stop sprinting now, I feel like my boobs are trying to kill me!” I sympathize and laugh.

6. Big Brothers Big Sisters: Yeah so I just got matched with my little if you have the time to do this- do it. Worth more than you ever know and you have fun too.

7. That Sweet Feeling after you Take a Test and Know it is Done!: And then five minutes later you start to think about the next test. But for that first five minutes in my car when I am giddy beyond belief life is really good.

8. Friday Night Bites Preview: Yeah lame title but these books are a lot of fun and pretty original. If you have not read Some Girls Bite do so but not in your work’s lunch area because you get weird looks and then cannot explain and it is just awkward.

9. Gwen Stafani: I can’t help it every time I see her I start to go the Sh** is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Plus she is always very gracious ad smart in interviews, I like that too. So I was excited to see her on Glamour this month. Also saw her in concert this summer with No Doubt and I have to say I want to grow up to be Gwen Stefani.

10. Boomkat- If you have not heard their first CD it is amazing all the way through. I was watching Melrose Place which I don’t think is good and the only good part was being reminded of this band and pulling out this CD. Faves: The Wreckoning, Daydream, Crazylove, What U Do 2 Me.

And just so you don’t think I am all about the love here, here are 2 things I Do Not Like!

1. Melrose Place: It was weird again and gets one more week, not even that if something else was on.

2. Umm Drama:
Really don't even save it for your mama she does not want it either.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Top 10 Current Obsessions 9/18/09

If these were people I knew I would be a stalker...

1. G2 & The Rachel Zoe Project: This one is lame but G2 as in low cal Gatorade has become my nightcap. After all night in a lab where we aren’t really supposed to have water I usually down one of these and watch this show about a Hollywood stylist and her team. This is how I unwind because Taylor and Brad are pretty hilarious and the clothes are also quite fun. I’m pretty addicted.
And a factoid for you Gatorade is named after the FSU Gators where their trainers and I am sure a ton of other people invented it.

2. Jay-X tix
: I got mine for the November 19th show in ABQ did you, H to the izza be to the izze- ladies is pimps too go on brush your shoulder off- I could keep going.

3.Staedleter Pens: I am a pretty fair amount of German I also own a German dog and these are German too! Plus the best pens out there. Fineliners are my fave this is my 2nd semester with them and the same set are still going strong. They are tiny, dark and if you leave the tops off they don’t dry out- which is nice when you are drawing things.

4. Shaka Rock By Jet: CD- Loving it at this moment in my car, windows down. I am no aficionado on older rock but to me it sounds like classic (not Barry Manilow classic, Stones, AC/DC classic) with some new edge. According to my sister Jet is totally overrated which is true but I do like this CD. I won’t say it should be top 10 of the year but I am digging it. Fave Track: She’s a Genius

5.ATV’ing: I am girly girl consider camping a bad motel, but am also not afraid of the muck as long as I am wearing the proper attire. And I love ATV-ing especially a couple of weekends ago we went to a new spot and had a new toy to try out and tons of junk food. Which when you are with people you like makes a pretty good Saturday. I also, according to him, tried to kill my sister’s roommate I maintain that I kept us from going over. Try it and get some mud on the tires, your sneakers, jeans, other people and jacket.

6. Entertainment Weekly Fall Preview Issue: Umm the best issue out there! Best pics, interviews, scoop etc. I had to hide it from myself at work so I would actually you know work. Info on 85 shows and really they tell you what you want to know!

7. New Recipes: I am dork I consider a fun night trying a new recipe, something about the action of cooking chills my weird self out. Insert your "I need to start drinking joke" here. Last week I mentioned Pioneer Women (obsession still going strong) well she has a whole cooking section. It is really useful and runs the gambit of recipes, so after reading about how to cook a steak which was really the best instruction I have seen. I came across
this recipe well they are stupendous and easy and yummy.

8. Jeeves: As in P.G. Woderhouse, if you have never read a book about Jeeves please go out and do so before the summer is completely over. No where else will you get such a lovely story of a man and his butler with a completely British side of humor. Jeeves goes way back and that whole Ask Jeeves thing yeah that is him.

9. Paraffin Tub (I don’t know what others call them): Bought this on a semi-whim and fell in love I gush and gush. Ok so I file a lot and am basically mean to my hands and feet, especially my feet with all the flip flop wearing. Lately I have been to busy to get a pedicure or manicure then I bought this for $30, oh yeah not that much. Put it in my bathtub and came back an hour later to paraffin wax melted to perfection! And today my hands are feet are very smooth, too smooth I almost slipped on linoleum yesterday barefoot. Buh Bye professional pedicures and manicure I will visit occasionally but you have been replaced.

10.Lobo Football: Air Force Game this Saturday I will be there in my cherry & silver cheering on my Lobos. Hopefully they play well, first time I get to see what this new coach can do.

And just so you don't think I can't be negative:
2 Things I Don’t Like

1. One Tree Hill Premiere (OTH): Ok what was that I want my old OTH back. The only funny part was Mouth and Skills trying to out naked each other so the other would move out. And Haley & Nathan I am sorry your dreams keep you apart and that is so sad yada yada but hello they are your dreams and tons of couples make it work and decide to be happy - reference military couples who make it work.
2. The End of Summer TV: while this means the beginning of Fall TV (Woot Woot!)! It also means hasta luega to some shows that made this summer more fun and brought about this whole idea that TV could also be good in the summer. Yeah we are out more in the summer, but our DVRs are in.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Top Ten Study Habits/Exciting Things About School Starting

Back to school back to school. I had to make this one post because I'm operating on about 44% brain capacity right now, but we'll go with what we've got! And don't worry, I realize the irony of someone who has that little brain capacity to be giving study advice. We deal.

1) After this one these things aren't ranked, because I haven't put that much effort into it. But this is the absolute #1 most exciting thing about going to school. People watching: Everyone has some weird style that they're all rockin and lots of fun conversations to eavesdrop on and things to notice. For example, today I saw a kid who had playboy shoes. Playboy shoes. I didn't see the bunny, so I'm not sure that they were real playboy, but that got me thinking, who else would make shoes that said playboy? Haha I have to say though, see the playboy sneakers on this kid was the highlight of my day.

2) Tied for the number one (ya I lied, get over it) is buying new school supplies!! This is my absolute favorite thing to do and I do it every semester. I usually don't need anything, but the thrill of finding new colors of pens and new, clean notebooks is like a drug. Exaggeration? No. Plus every time I go I get awesome deals like notebooks for 20 cents each. Ya I got like ten. And each semester they seem to come out with more sharpies, which is my weakness. Needless to say I have an awesome collection of pens and markers.

3) Study tip: Use those fancy new pens you got to organize. I have a different colored pen for each one of my classes that I use to write down assignments and dates in my planner. That way I know which class I need to focus on for each day. Then I have a totally different color for tests. That way I know the big things that are coming up. It may sound like it takes a long time and really isn't worth it. But it totally is. It also helps you prioritize. If you have two things due on one day you can see which classes they're for and decide which is most important/hardest/etc. and act accordingly!

4) Study tip: If you have to memorize something I totally recommend making notecards. It's somewhat tedious but completely worth it. Here's the real tip though, when you're going through and memorizing things, make sure you change the order each time you go through them. That way you are actually memorizing the things on the cards, not just the order you have them in. Pneumonic devices also help so much. For example when I was memorizing amino acids, the structure of leucine looks like a stick figure so in my head it became Lucy Leucine.

5) Study tip: Take notes. Most teachers now teach almost directly off of power point, and then post them online, but that shouldn't make you think you can just listen in class. Note taking helps so many things stick better in your mind. I personally hate to print the power points off so I just take notes off of what I see and hear; that works for me. But even printing the power points off is good, just take notes on them. But make sure you actually take notes on them. Write down your own interpretation of things, that way it's in your own words and you'll remember it and when you go back and read it you'll understand.

6) Study tip: MUSIC. You hear all the time that listening to the Messiah while studying helps you retain more information and if you play it for your baby they'll be smarter. Well I don't know if that's true. BUT I do know that listening to classical music while you study really helps you concentrate better. It's still something background, but it has no words so you don't get caught trying to hear what the guy is talking about or if that was really what you just heard, it's just soothing. My personal favorite is piano music but truly I've listened to all kinds of classical and instrumental so it's all good.

7) Excitement: School presents all kinds of opportunities for fun! Like football games, fall tv shows, movies, lunches with friends, and all the other little things that you escape to, to get away from school work.

8) Study tip/Excitement: I know Cor already mentioned this but the reward system is truly awesome. I usually go the route of food. Like I finished my homework staying up super late, well after I turn it in I am totally treating myself to olive garden. But big goals are awesome as well, after you finish a hard class or a killer final, take yourself out. It doesn't have to be big, just set the goal and give yourself something to look forward to that really makes you happy. I used to have a friend that would have skittles for me and once I finished an assignment I could go find him and he would give me the skittles. Getting other people to help you also really helps, and gives you another way to decompress through friend-time!

9) Study tip: Have one class or one activity that you do every week that is completely for fun. In my undergrad this was history classes or psychology classes. I would try and take one each semester and it just allowed me to think of something other than engineering. Plus it gives you an opportunity to diversify yourself. Learning new things shouldn't be all work and no fun, it should also make you happy to discover things you didn't know before.

10) Take pride in what you do. If you do well, be happy that you did well! Live up to your potential and love that you're doing something well! Also don't ever be afraid to ask questions, professors love to demonstrate how smart they are and you asking them how to do something presents the perfect opportunity.

And now for a couple of things that are not cool about school

*) Boys not taking showers. You learned when you were a kid how to take care of yourself and you learned in puberty why it was important. No one likes that and no matter how cute you are, if you stink, you'll never have any friends.

*) People smoking around doors. I don't care if you smoke, but try not to involve everyone else in your extracurriculars.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Top 10 Things You Need To Survive School

Escuela how I hate You!

1. Map- sounds lame but the year you don’t have it is the year you don’t find that Astronomy class until it is over. Don’t worry about looking like a freshman worry about your classes.

2. Cash- obviously with tuition getting higher and higher every single year. But you need some change and crisp ones for those vending machines. You never know when you will just need that pop or candy bar and don’t have time to run to the Sub.

3. Pens, Pens, Pens- I am a connoisseur of pens I tend to like the felt tip ones with a fine point in a rainbow of colors. They make me happy to take notes and I can use them for other stuff later too. Find your pen the one that makes taking notes not that bad for you. The one that fills all your needs school wise at least.

4. Your Spot in the Library- Towards the end of my first degree (you think one would be enough) all of my friends knew where to find me in Zimm library. I was downstairs in the basement in the back corner with my headphones in and a book in front of me. Here is what I considered when finding my spot could I eat there and no one would know/hear me? Was there 400 people around? Was there enough light? Comfy? Where was a bathroom and water?

5. College Newspaper- Here it is The Daily Lobo but if you have one you know about sales in the bookstore, the newest concerts, and what is going on at campus. Be active go to stuff this is my only regret from college that I didn’t go to enough stuff.

6. Planner- whatever way you work it. I have an actual planner with daily inserts and everything. I had friends with a small journal, piece of paper, planner on their computer, and school approved planner. There is too much to keep track of you will need something.

7. Student ID- At UNM you get into most games for free with your ID. Can ride the bus for free, get the student price at the movie, get other student discounts, use the gym at UNM, and more. Your ID is the only thing UNM gives you that will actually help you save money.

8. HW- always have it with you even if you are at Tues/Thurs classes and it is your M/W/F classes. You never know when you will have time to get that stuff done, or when a class will be cancelled and you will be stuck.

9. Snacks- you always need to have something on you. For me it was always carrots, granola bars, a water jug and cheese-its they got me through the days when I was hungry in the middle of classes, had 10 mins to eat or not time at all.

10. Reward System- On test days I get Starbucks, at the end of the year if I do really well I get a bag. I set up trips, go to dinner with friends, order stuff online whatever helps me get through those Finals and Midterms and just run of the mill exams. If you don’t reward yourself who will?

And Here are 2 Things You Don’t Need To Survive School

1. All the Textbooks on the Syllabus- Go to class before you buy all of those because chances are you will find you only really need one. Unless the professor wrote it most don’t mind older additions or are cool enough to put one on loan at the library.
2. Slackers in Your Group- Everyone has at least one chance with this, welcome to college, and really the rest of your life you will deal with slackers of all kinds. So pick up some tips now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top 10 Current Obsessions 9/8/09

Top 10 Current Obsessions: If these were people I would be a stalker

1. Jay-Z & Linkin Park CD: I know late arrival on this but it is insane, in headphones is the best. I love it while at the gym keeps me pumped when I want to jump off the elliptical. Also great in the car, windows down makes me think I am cool when I am not and that I can look cool while bobbing my head. Basically this was a live concert where Jay- Z and Linking Park laid mixed certain tracks together taking the best from both. My fave is Izzo/In the End

2. The Pioneer Women Blog: Alright so Time Magazine has already mentioned this one which makes it a duh. This woman has many talents, the recipes are amazing and easy to use, her photography is gorgeous and she gives tutorials, her hubbie sounds lovely just read the Black Heels story of how they met and you will be stuck, her kids are adorable and she gives a new face to homeschooling. Find it here http://thepioneerwoman.com/

3. Elvis & Annabelle the Movie: I caught this on Lifetime (yeah I watch Lifetime) one afternoon and am overly obsessed. It is this cute little movie starring Blake Lively and Max Minghella. The music fits perfectly, the acting is also good and everything else fits together wonderfully. It has a dark beginning but a big hear. The love story of a mortician and a beauty queen in TX,they fall in love and save one another. Some dark humor so if you do not like that skip. Sorry to mention something you cannot get on DVD. But that is how much I love it, it also been sitting on DVR for a month. Taking up precious real estate but I will never let it go.

4. Rotten Tomatoes Show Podcast: OK so semi snarky a little dirty at times, but hilarious and not to be missed. And did I mention free all this funniness for free on iTunes! They review movies, write movie haikus and compose hilarious lists such as the five worst Eddie Murphy movies. Which If you have seen any Eddie Murphy movies lately would be hard to do. And you can submit reviews via webcam and become a part of the show.

5. Cake Fetish: Ok let me explain first. This is a cupcake shop in Albuquerque (well chain really) and they make different flavors each day. My personal faves are Grasshopper a choco cupcake and mint icing on top. Or anything with banana such as Love Monkey a choco ship cupcake with banana buttercream. They can make birthday cakes of any flavor you want and anyone can find a flavor they would want in this place. A great place for book clubs or just friends to meet.

6. Bruschetta: How do you spell this? Alright last week I was having a loser day, you know a day you feel like a loser. And I went to the grocery store and made this and it made me feel better. And then I started to think about Julie in Julia & Julie about how she started her blog/project of working her way through the entire Mastering the Art of French Cooking By Julia Child because she needed purpose. That is what I love about cooking you have a purpose and you fulfill it. I encourage to try recipes you see in movies and to see this movie about one girl and her blog and another visionary chef becoming just that. Bruschetta it is a staple in my apartment now, I put it on pasta, salad, or just use a side item. But here is the recipe:
6 medium size tomatoes (last time I used Romas but whatever looks good)
1 Yellow, Red or Orange pepper (not Green they breath into everything)
¼ cup minced Garlic Olive Oil (whatever kind you normally use)
Bunch of Basil
Salt & Pepper
A nice crusty Baguette
Fresh Parmesan (optional)
1. Chop it all up. On the tomatoes I tend to push the seeds/juicy part out with my thumb before chopping so I have a chunkier consistency. On the pepper no seeds. On the basil I usually don’t hand chop and put into some kind of electric chopper.
2. Mix all these veggies together and add in the olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic to taste.
3. Take the bread and cut into ¾ inch slices.
4. Take a frying pan add a layer of olive oil to the bottom, let it heat.
5. Put the bread middle part down in the pan, once browned flip to the other side and add oil as needed.
6. Put your oven on Broil.
7. Place the bread on a cookie sheet, spoon brushetta on top, and sprinkle parmesan on top of that.
8. Put in oven, take out once cheese has melted. Note: you can stop at 5 and just eat that way too. Last night I made brats, noodles and tossed it with the bruscetta and parmesan it was really good and fresh (at least to me). You can put on pizza dough too.

7. Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead & Cherinne Anderson- Song: This makes me move my hips like I want one to pop out of place. It makes me imagine myslef in a tropical local dancing away the night with the boy of my dreams (at least for that time and place) in some hole in the wall that just happens to have great music. And we are both great dancers and dressers. A tropical sounding song with a reggaton edge featuring a girl and guy lead part. Basically the man is telling the girl he loves her and that she is the best thing that happened to him.

8. Being Human -TV Show Just Finished on BBC America: So warning this is not a mild show there is lots of stuff that is not work appropriate, not an HBO show bad but it is from Britain. It is this show about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost trying to be normal (or human) while all living together in a house in England. And that is the skim of the surface, usually I don’t like shows where everything stands for something else. I want an island to be an island not a lost childhood. But this show does it so well, and shows all these sides of the human race that make them ask themselves if they are really the monsters. Oh and it has its funny moments too.

9. Libraries: I love books, and last summer I discovered at my local library I can reserve anything from the library online and get an email when they are ready to pickup. It is so easy I cannot justify spending money on books anymore, and saving money anywhere is great right now. I also like the idea that someone else has read the book I am holding and what you can discover by walking down the aisles. So when you find a book you want to check out, check your library. It is green, cheap and a great way to get all the books you want.

10. Good Music on Your Fave Shows: I love when the music in a scene is perfect and fits and adds rather than detracts from a scene. And I love when I play that music I remember the scene, who I saw the movie with or something about that day. Which is also why I am an addicted to iTunes because I can get the song I want and only that song. So here is my PS hey look into music from your shows find those songs and live those moments again. Not only will add to your music library but you could come across your favorite band. I mentioned Being Human well BBC America has all the music listed from the shows including what scene they were in on their website- how handy is this! And for an American what other way can you hear some of these British Bands that have yet to jump the pond?

And just so you don’t think I am only a ball of positivity, here are 2 things I Do Not Like!
1. More To Love- TV Show: Couldn’t they have just done The Bachelor with a big dude? And wait a second why are the weights and heights not listed on that show!

2. Impossibly Hot High School Students: I did not look that good and no one really did! See 90210 (both versions), Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill (first 4 seasons), pretty much anything on the CW or the Original WB ( I miss you WB!). Say it with me 27 year old models are not high school students!

Hopefully I will post a new list each week. Oh and if you like this check out our other site: