Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 10 Things to Do In the Fall:

If you don't get you should go visit it....
1. Wear Boots and a Sweater: I know it is fall when I start to pull the boots out from under the bed and am digging through my sweaters. A little trick I do to stay warm, because I loathe being cold- leggings as tights tucked into my boots keeps me really warm and comfy. I also do the knee socks and boots thing too, and the textured tights thing, and the jeans tucked in thing- what can I say I love my boots. I also have a thing for a long sweater I have at least a half dozen.
2. See a Play: You can do this all year long but it is more fun to dress up in the winter because you get to also do the amazing coat thing. And for some reason all the plays I want to see are in the fall. We have a local theater company, school troupe and a place where national touring groups come through so you can usually find something you like and in your price range.
3. Drink Cocoa: I make it, drink it for breakfast and just love overall. It really warms you up when you need it and screams fall at me.
4. Go To A Football Game: Yes the Lobos are not doing that great and you will freeze on those metal bleachers. But go and cheer and huddle together for warmth, and I am sorry as a girl who sat through a game in a hale/snow storm in a Northern state nonetheless, I have no sympathy for you.
5. Buy Some Ridiculous Flannel PJs: Or in my case have “Santa” gift them to me. So far I have ones with dogs in Christmas gear, traveling gnomes and Russian Nesting dolls on them. All from Target and Nick and Nora and all comfy as Clive Owen is hot.
6. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub: Have you ever had a salt scrub well then you have never been hurt so good? Can’t afford the spa (even as a present?) then make your own sugar scrub-Google it and you will get at least one you want to try. Otherwise I start to not recognize my own skin.
7. See The Nutcracker: Kind of falls under 2 but at least once in your life, ok at least once in your girl life you need to see The Nutcracker done right. Me I saw it by the San Francisco Ballet when I was 11, amazing is all I can say. Not an option rent it.
8. Pumpkin Patch: When I was a kid we all got to pick our own pumpkins and then carve them. I loved the power of walking around all these pumpkins at the patch and making my choice. My dad who is an expert carver puts us all to shame but we always got our own and could do whatever we wanted. It is a family tradition, my parents even did it the first year they were married.
9. Make Soup: I tend to go for Tortilla Soup or Potato Broccoli. It warms the house and the belly and there is nothing better with bread.
10. Snowball, Angel, House, etc.: Make one, throw one, commune with the snow. At least take your dogs out to play in it, or take some pictures. You only get so much!

And Here are 2 Things I Don't Appreciate Fall!
1. Snow on my car: Not the best present in the AM.
2. More Laundry: All those layers really add up.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Top 10 Current Obsessions 10/16/09

If these were people I would be a stalker.... this week link-ful click and be happy.

1. Ritz Crackers- Umm I picked up a box of these at the store a couple of weeks ago and now must always have them. They are part of my just in case I forget my lunch stash in my desk and also very useful for the whole just in case I am freaking starving in the afternoon stash, same drawer other side.

2. Snuggies for Dogs: Yes this is what my dog will be receiving for Christmas and no I do not usually give gifts to my dog Lucy unless you count oh I don’t know feeding her.

3. Sonic Drinks: Yesterday AM I needed something I had $2 so I stopped here and it really help me make it through the day. My liver & kidneys I am sure are unhappy, but me good. Sorry H don't mean to rub my Sonic in your face.

4. Something To Look Forward To: Do it people and write it with a pretty pen on your calendar it will put some kick in your step.

5. Glee CD: Umm yay and all on one CD of lovely covers and perfectly harmonized voices- one gripe where is It’s My Life/Confessions?

6. Big Mama Blog: I have no kids and really who needs them at this point in my life! But this site is very funny and her comments on waiting and Friday Fashion posts are very realistic and useful.

7. Madonna Greatest Hits CD: Get into the groove boy you got move.... And tons more make me feel like a teenager although I was all of a toddler in the 80’s.

8. Balloon Fiesta: Kind of late but it really brightens my drive to work and this year was the first year I got to go. And even though the balloons did not go up that day- I still had fun. Highlight: the 2 teens with the Starsky & Hutch name badges. Oh I laugh.

9. The Satorialist: I am not a high fashion girl simply put in NM and on my budget with my curves it is not a reality. But I do like the classic silhouettes he photographs and really his photos are stunning, waste 5 mins or days at this site. By a guy who simply photographs what he likes on the street in Fashion.

10. Friends Who Call You Out: As in where are you? You need to be here! The absolute best.

And just so you don’t think I am all about the love, here are 2 things I Do Not Like!
1. Hand Sanitizer: I could give you a whole bio lesson on its evils. Simply put in a pinch it is great otherwise wash your hands normally and it is just as good.
2. Speed Bumps: I get your point still hate ya.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Go to a Concert

I am going to see U2 in Glendale in 4 days and just got my Jay-z tix and have also been lining up other shows. So in honor of that here are 10 reasons to go to a concert- like you really even need them. I have never regretted going to a concert only not going.

1. You Love them: Buy every CD, know all the words, follow them. Why not see them live?

2. You get the Story: As in I was wrote this song because of X. Or you get antidotes like I really am sick of singling this song because of X. Gives you another reason to love your fave song- I have never had one ruined for me.

3. Better- Live: Good Bands sound the same live in fact they sound better it is like going from your puny little TV and getting a Flat Screen.

4. Brings Friends Together: You would be amazed how many people you have no idea like the bands you like. And how many people were at that concert with you and you did not even know it. It also is something to do with friends that is different and new.

5. Makes the CD Even Better: I always end up pulling out the CDs before I go and then keeping them in rotation after a concert. Same old CDs with a new appreciation and new memories tied to it.

6. Sing Out Loud/Dance Along: Um you know the words sing a long, and there is no shame in shaking your hips like no one is there. Not only will it make it more fun but you will burn some calories.

7. Memories: From the corner of your mind… umm yeah remember the time we went to see No Doubt and everyone screamed “I’m Just a Girl.” Or the time Coldplay was like right there a row away from us and Chris Martin was all thanks for being such a great crowd and you really felt that. Or when I almost jacked my car trying to get out of Journal, its ok I can laugh now.

8. Rock God Love: Gavin Degraw is short he also never takes his hat off, so I have no idea what is going on under there. As a girl who is six feet barefoot and would tower over Gavin I find him adorable but not for me. Then I saw him in concert with his sparkly little piano and he sang his heart out and was quite endearing made me re-think that boy.

9. People-Watching: Did you just see the girl with the handmade shirt? What about the guy my dad dubbed “Tigger” because he was always bouncing? Or the girl doing the hippie arm wave like she is feeling the music for pretty much the whole concert? Wait a second I totally almost punched that drunken guy too! No oh wait you didn’t go.

10. Opening Bands/New Music: You like the band you are seeing maybe you will find some new music through their opening bands. Or maybe they have someone awful with them or someone you already know. Either way it is a great appetizer before the main show comes out.

And Here are 2 Things You Don’t Need At Any Concert
1. People who go and no dancing or singing and look at you like a fool for doing so. Why did you come poser why!
2. Sloppy Drunks: I am cool get your buzz on but the minute you get all touchy feely, fall down, and slosh your beer on me I might pull the B card. Drink like a man dude and learn to hold your liquor.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top Ten Shows of Fall

Uh these shows make my world go round.

*Vampire Diaries - Man what I can I say. I'm pretty sure that I could just gush about this show I love it so. First the men are just beautifully defined. There's just no other way to describe it. Second, when they turn vampire-y they actually scare me. Which I totally dig. There hasn't been a vamp that scared me since Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire. Yes the story is not exactly new but it feels different and fresh.

*Glee - If I were prone to using acronyms like lol or something like that I would use lmao here because honestly this show is hilarious. These kids are awkward and weird and truly messed up. But they're funny. And holy cow can they sing. Jane Lynch is my favorite villian and each week I can't wait for the next thing to come.

*Community - Joel McHale is everything I love. Funny, sarcastic, good looking and the whole scenario of community college is priceless. The weirdest people go there and this show captures it well. The supporting cast is amazing as well from John Oliver to Chevy Chase and the Indian guy, they're so so funny together. I don't really like the main girl but I can overlook it for the rest of the show.

*Private Practice - My love of this show could go back to Tim Daly being in Wings which I watched quite often, but it really is a good drama. I also love Kate Walsh's character and the whole dynamic of the other cast. It's not quite as fantastically dramatic as Grey's so it's a nice step back while not being boring.

*Grey's Anatomy - I don't know what else to say about this show but I love it. Next week someone is supposedly leaving the hospital and I am just going to be upset if it's Derek. He and Meredith are finally okay together so screwing it up would be terrible...

*NCIS LA - I am pretty sure I can feel Cory's disapproval here of all things NCIS, I however love it. I really really like Chris O'Donnell and the dynamic he has LL Cool J is really funny. They're solving crime and it's entertaining to watch. Plus I love a show with a good psychologist in it and this one definitely provides.

*House - Who doesn't like House? He says what everyone wishes they could say, only wittier. So many good one liners have come from this show. He is just interesting to watch. You get to watch him have epiphanies and everyone else on the show try and keep up. I also love Wilson and his dilligence to keeping House under control. Plus the other doctors are always good for a little drama as well.

*Lie To Me - I'm a psychology nerd so watching people analyze body language to decide if they're lying is fascinating. And Cal Lightman is really sarcastic and witty as well which is my favorite. Trying to figure out the puzzles while they are trying to figure them out really keeps you interested in the show.

*The Office - Not quite as good as the first couple of seasons but always good for a laugh. Whether it's the creepiness of Creed, the madness of Dwight, or just how funny Jim is, it's always entertaining.

*Gossip Girl - I've had an up and down relationship with Gossip Girl but this season has been doing well. I really like Chuck and Blair together and watching them interact with everyone else is always good. Serena is crazy but you just accept that. Real college is not this dramatic so it's fun to watch how it should never be.

Shows I'm not so thrilled with this fall:
*One Tree Hill - Despite the addition of the beautiful Robert Buckley OTH is just off this fall. I'm not sure what exactly it is, it's just uninteresting and ridiculous. Disappointment.

*Melrose Place - Here's how I know a bad show: I change the channel in the middle. Even shows I've never seen hold my interest for one episode just because I want to see what happened. Melrose though, I don't even care what happens.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Top 10 Obsessions 10/9/09

If these were people I would be a stalker

1. Vampire Diaries: Love and don’t miss has spurred conversations with my friends which is when I know that a show is becoming part of my pop family. Not complicated but also not stale, a fun hour of television that is intense and funny at times.

2. Glamour Daily Emails: As in the magazine. I get lovely daily emails filled with fashion tips and sale notices, also cute little articles like the “5 Reason You Should Thank Coco Chanel.” My favorite reason she started the whole women wearing pants thing, as in literally took some from a male rider and sewed them to fit her. Because she said you cannot ride a horse in a skirt.

3. Rediscovering Music: I know I mentioned it before as in the post before this one but really look through your stuff you will be surprised how much it makes you remember. And how many songs you know all the words too and still love.

4. Fresh Mozzarella: Or as I say mozza awful yet delicious. Makes everything more tasty and really just that and a slice of tomato and I am pretty happy.

5. Having A Mary Kay Mom: So Nice to go home and come back to my apartment with not only food but a new moisturizer. I also get to try everything out which is also cool.

6. Friends & Dinner: Especially ones who will pick and mean it. Gives you some time to catch up and something to look forward to.

7. Santa Ana Winds: Some people hate them I love them they blow something into the air and tell me that I need to pack up the summer stuff because fall is coming.

8. Road Rules/Real World Challenge: The Ruins: It is like watching an extremely dysfunctional family try to get along on a trip where there just happen to obstacles. Oh and everyone is completely out for themselves.

9. Glee & Jane Lynch: I laugh so much when this show is on and love the musical numbers. But Jane Lynch really in her Adidas track suits in a rainbow of colors, is just hilarious.

10. McLeod’s Daughters: Australian night soap about a bunch of chicks running a cattle station. I just started to re-watch it again and it sucked me right back in! The men are tall, the work is long & hard and the scenery is breathtaking.

And just so you don’t think I am all about the love, here are 2 things I Do Not Like!

1. Letterman don’t even get me started.

2. The kid with Swine Flu in my class coughing too much and threatening my health.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top 10 Albums I Found Again

It is raining here in ABQ and for some reason that makes me nostalgic. Maybe it is because I get to pull out all my boots and sweaters or am spending more time indoors. I don’t know but yesterday I was looking through my music to make a playlist for the next couple of weeks. And I came across all these CDs I love and they actually were CDs I bought and have in a drawer somewhere. So here is a list of some CDs I always find good , want to hear and never get sick of all the way though. A lot of these are compilation/greatest hits CDs yeah I will admit I can be a fair weather fan!

1. Jimmy Eat World… Bleed American: This CD will forever remind me of high school, it is amazing and still is. I love this CD because it was one of the only ones pre-iPod I could put on in the car and not skip through. In fact somewhere along the line it got scratched and you can hear it but I don’t even care. Faves: Praise Chorus, The Middle, Sweetness, Hear You Me (a Great song to end a mix CD with- just listen to the lyrics), Get It Faster, Authority Song

2. The Police… Every Breath You Take: The Classics: I love The Police and have more but this is a great compilation CD. You get all the good stuff. I think I stole this CD from my brother but considering how many of my CDs he has lost, wrecked, loaned out I will call it even. They were so good, sound dated but I still love. Faves: Message In a Bottle, King of Pain, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, De Do Do Do , De Da Da Da, Wrapped Around Your Finger

3. Janet Jackson… Design of A Decade: This CD I actually copied from my dad oh yeah he purchased and loved it. It is basically all the classic Janet- before she was ever in an Eddie Murphy movie. Faves: Runaway, Nasty, Miss You Much, Escapade, That’s the Way Love Goes

4. Gavin Degraw… Chariot: True Story this was the CD I had in my car my first day at Moriarty HS when I moved my senior year. I was wearing jeans I had since I was 14 and a guys polo- yeah you can see my lack of caring. I made a permanent enemy in the parking lot that very morning. But even she could not wreck the good mood brought on by singing along to this CD. Faves: Follow Through, Chariot, (Nice to Meet You) Anyway, Chemical Party, Crush , I Don’t Want to Be

5. Boomkat… Boomkatalog One: Love & Adore so much still amazing and the first CD I loaded onto my iPod. Pop music with great beats & lyrics and you got to love a girl who starts a song with “I came, I saw, I kicked some ass.” And you believe her. Faves: The Wreckoning, Now Understand This, Crazylove, What U Do 2 Me, Left Side/Right Side

6. Bend it Like Beckham… Soundtrack: Love this movie with all my heart. It was a perfect summer movie and the soundtrack is just as much fun. Pure fizzy pop as only the Brits can put together and some hilarious parts of the movie mixed in. Faves: Do Your Thang, Hot Hot Hot, Inner Smile, I Wish, Independence Day

7. No Doubt… Tragic Kingdom & Rock Steady: I got much love for No Doubt so had to have 2 plus saw them in concert this summer and they put on a great show. Tragic Kingdom is that CD that everyone had- made the band huge, one of the first CDs I ever bought. Rock Steady is their latest and has such a good sound to it. Faves (Tragic): Spiderwebs, Just a Girl, Different People, Sixteen, Sunday Morning, End It On This (Rock): Hella Good, Hey Baby, Making Out, Start The Fire, Platinum Blonde Life, Running (Pretty Much ALL)

8. Jack Johnson… In Between Dreams: It is not a summer mix if there is no Jack Johnson! While I have all his mellow guitar driven CDs this is my fave. Even the bright yellow cover makes me smile. Faves: Better Together, Never Know, Sitting Waiting Wishing, Banana Pancakes, Staple It Together (Pretty Much ALL)

9. Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits: Another compilation CD I know but I was 14 and not old enough to fully understand the coolness that is Lenny. So I picked this up at my local Best Buy- Man I have not been to one of those in a long while. Has all the songs you want on it and know from the radio a great CD that all love. Faves: Are You Gonna Go My Way, Fly Away, American Woman, I Belong To You, Let Love Rule.

10. Maroon 5 Songs About Jane: This CD came from a marathon music sharing at my cousin’s house in AZ, basically we pull out everyone’s iPods, computers and CDs and swap music the same way some people swap stories. And it was before Adam Levine became a Man Whore, just an all around good CD. Faves: Harder to Breathe, This Love, Shiver, The Sun, Must Get Out

While compiling this list I found about a dozen more CDs I love, but really I am sure you are sick of me already. So here are the 10 I know I love right now. Not my top 10- that would be like choosing between my bags.