Friday, January 29, 2010

Top 10 Obsessions 1/29/10

It has been a while since I have done one of these, stupid life getting in the way, so here is the first of the new at least I think it is. Oh and if I ever repeat anything I am so sorry! But I am also too lazy to go back and reread all of them every week.

1. 1901 by Phoenix: Love. I really just dig the way this song is laid out, it is a shallow love that grew deeper after I actually listened to the lyrics. Oh and they are up for a Grammy so you can sound all music snob when your friends ask you about them.

2. Argan Oil: This is a knockoff of Moroccan Oil from Sally’s Beauty Supply and it is like $8. You put a dime size drop in your hair after bathing and oh it is soft, and smells good and looks shiny. Just be careful because too much will cause a grease slick that would rival Danny Zuko’s in Grease.

3. Shakespeare Retold: Damien Lewis and James McAvoy on one disc makes Cory a happy chick. Modern retellings of Shakespeare stories very loose retellings. The shrew is up for the prime minister spot, Macbeth is about a celebrity chef and the guy who actually runs his kitchen, Much Ado is actually a morning network TV show and Midsummer’s another wedding party. All have that British funny I love and some great actors; the only one I would skip is Midsummer’s but the rest keepers.

4. Bulletprrof by La Roux: This song makes me want to rock out in my car. Which because I am in a belly dance class is actually HW, so 2 birds meet 1 stone. And what the girl is singing about we have been all been through: Being burned by someone and not letting them hurt you anymore.

5. This Shirt: Kara summed it up perfectly on that other site we have. But I am ALWAYS with Coco. Jay while mildly funny does not compare and David well I just find him mean. So here is hoping Coco comes back stronger, better and as funny as ever.

6. Cleaning Gloves: This is one of my lame but I am slightly germaphobic. So I bought these so when I clean my bathroom I scrub to my hearts’ content and not worry about my nails. I am also slightly vain. And it does not hurt that they are lime green with a mod print on the cuffs, and if you lotion before it is like a spa treatment- not really but whatever helps me clean.

7. Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs: This song does not sound that angry (I think Metallica) but the words oh they cut. And I just imagine that feeling where you are so angry you shake. And in my head I see a royalty court scene in the heyday of the monarchy with a Maria Antoinette ywin singing the words- sorry I have a very vivid imagination.

8. Papaya Everything: I have the planner and love, I covet the bag which H just got and loves, want the wall décor, stationary and pretty much everything on there.

9. This Necklace: That is a real orchid which she treats to last forever. I want, I need, I must have, it haunts my shopping dreams. Literally last night I dreamt I was wearing said necklace while…… well I think will keep that to myself.

10. Chia Herb Garden: I just ordered mine and am hoping this will help with the $20 I spend monthly on fresh herbs for cooking. Here is crossing my black thumbs to hope modern technology can cure them!

2 I Do Not Like: The Beatles said all you need Is love, but me I’ve always got some snark.
1. When I am at $23.08 and need $2 to make the free shipping on Amazon! Yesterday I literally added pens to my cart to make it. You brilliant people at Amazon are really getting on my nerves with your free shipping!

2.One Tree Hill: Really Mark Schwann did you really just have 3 sisters duke it out in a swimming pool. I think you are forgetting that most of your viewers are WOMEN! Save your wet dreams for well your dreams.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Must Haves....

This list is for all the girly things that we all must have. Well maybe not all but the 10 staples.

1) A Kick Ass pair of boots. They are so versatile. They go with anything and everything and will last you forever. Class up a pair of jeans, make that perhaps-dowdy skirt H.O.T. or make that amazing dress of yours that much better. I think that if you’re only going to have one pair make them black, but if you wear a lot of browns make that your first. Save the colors for after the staples, but don’t be afraid of them. The good ones are a little pricey but most definitely worth it. They’re an investment. I personal have one black, one brown, and one amazing copper metallic.

2) A great pair of heels. This is along the same vein and offers a great deal of variety but this is the key here; we’re going for strappy and able to see your toes. On your special day you’re going to have a pedicure and you don’t want to cover it up with shoes that don’t show ‘em off. I usually go for the 4” status, but I’m short so I totally respect that Cor is going to get smaller heels. Strappy though is amazing on everyone though because they elongate your feet, not a bad way. And they give you the feminine look we so love.

3) A fantastic pair of dark jeans. You can do so many things with a good pair of dark jeans. Pair it with a button up and nice jacket and you can rock dressy/casual. Just with a tee and you’re casual date night still looking hot. The key here is really to find ones that you’re comfortable in and ones that fit. They aren’t always the most expensive (the ones that fit me best are really cheap). Just find ones you feel good in and fit correctly.

4) A dress. Not a skirt with a brilliantly paired top, I’m talking an actual dress. One that is nice enough to wear to a fantastic dinner on a cruise, your friend’s wedding, the state affair you always dream about going to. And here you can go wild on color, cut, pattern, honestly whatever you want. Find one you love, then you can have lots of options for shoes, accessories, overlays, whatever to go with it and you’re set for all fancy occasions!

5) Leggings. Alright now let me just say once and loudly for the record: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. EVER! Great now that we have that out of the way we can move on to happier subjects. Leggings are great for many different reasons; they can casual down nice dresses, they keep your leg warm in the pesky air conditioned 65 degree buildings, super cute under shorts at the gym when you don’t want to show the whiteness of your legs, and great for those shirts that are long enough to cover your butt (REPEAT, OVER THE BUTT) but not long enough. Don’t be afraid to use and abuse (gym status) because they’re cheap and everywhere. Stock up. Black is best and what you should have first, solids are fun too. Patterns I’m not totally sold on yet but don’t let that stop you rockin’ it. Just not cheetah, snakeskin, etc. please.

6) The boyfriend hoodie. Don’t deny it, we all love hanging out in the boyfriend’s hoodie more than our own. First of all it’s huge enough that we can just hunker down and feel small and snuggly in it. It’s the one you want to just throw on and go to the store in or sit on the couch and watch a movie in. It’s even stylish because you know it’s a boyfriends. Basically it’s the oversized hoodie of whatever style you prefer. So comfy.

7) A great coat. I was recently watching the news and the country freezing, including Florida, and tons of stores there are sold out of coats. This I don’t understand. No matter where you live how do you not have at least one coat? So this inspires me to say: You need a coat. There is always a place for the coat that is probably not the most flattering coat but it’s warm. The coat I’m talking about here though is one that is warm but also makes you look bueno. My personal fav is the pea coat but take your pick. A nice trench will go with any dress, skirt, pantsuit, anything. Invest in one, it also will last.

8) A great scarf, glove, hat set. This is along the same line as the dress, and no matter where you live it gets cold sometimes. The gloves don’t have to be amazing (if you live in a cold place though I would invest in some nice leather ones) but just get a cute set that matches. I have nice black ones with a white hat, goes with much. This is just a suggestion as well that you get tons of scarves. They don’t all have to be warm and they can dress up anything. There are so many color options, style options everything. My only piece of advice on this though is find ones that feel good. There is nothing worse than having something scratchy around your neck for any period of time.

9) A nice button up shirt. In our lives we will all have periods when we need to look professional. Some more than others but the point remains the same. Currently I am looking for a nice white one but apparently they only make them for men and those just will not work. You need to actually buy women’s button up shirts because they are fitted and you don’t look like a sack. Full length sleeves are also the best option. You can always roll up the sleeves but having the complete look of long sleeves is a good one.

10) An every tee. Cor’s are Old Navy scoop neck, mine are Gap, but the principle is the same. Find a style/brand of tee that you like and feels comfortable, doesn’t shrink, etc., and buy every color. I’m not even joking here. Find a simple tee you like and get a lot of them. Tees are the ones that wear out and the ones you want to pair with everything so get all your favorite colors and don’t be afraid to toss out the ones with pit stains, losing their stretch or just old. Embrace that you wear them a lot and they’re going to wear out. It’s because you love them and you should continue having them.

The bottom line of all these things is in all these staples, find the ones that you are comfortable in. The more you are comfortable in your clothes, no matter what they look like you will look great in them.

And a couple things I just would really recommend you never buy ever:
1) White washed jeans. They’re disgusting and look good on no one. The blue parts accentuate all the wrong areas and make you look huge.
2) Clothes that are too small because you want to delude yourself. I understand the difficulties with self confidence but don’t take it out on your clothes. Tell yourself you love you and buy a piece of clothing that accentuates something you love. For me it’s shoes….

Friday, January 8, 2010

Top 10 Bags Every Girl Needs

1. Overnight Bag- You know for those weekend always even if it is just with your fam. Mine is a vintage looking Adidas leather bag white w/bright blue accents. Folds up and sits on my shelf perfectly. Fits everything you need for 3-4 days, or great as a secondary bag for a long trip to hold shoes, DVDs, books etc. It needs to be cute and sturdy, able to take a few knocks, and easy to carry. Most importantly when you put it on your bed to pack you need to be excited to do so. I got mine off of EBay for a steal, so check random places.
2. Exec Tote- This is what I call the grown-up bag. The one you take on job interviews. It can fit a few folders, laptop and the necessities. A solid shape (no slouchiness) and any color will work whether you want basic black or a pop (but not too much stick to earth tones). Mine is a rounded square shape leather tote in a brick red color with pegs on the bottom from Fossil.
3. Utility Tote- This bag is mainly for necessity, but that is no reason not to be cute. The bag you throw that entire overflow into for a road trip, stuff you need to take over to a friend’s house, stuff that you need but do not normally have with you. Those free totes you get with makeup gifts work pretty well for this; also some grocers offer really cute reusable bags. I like one with subtle pattern makes it easier to find in a car and some sturdiness too it since it will be pulled around.

4. Hobo- Slouchy, roomy and gives off a boho vibe. To keep it from looking to sloppy pick one with nice leather and good stitching to keep its shape. The handle should be thick , one handle with some kind of detail on it. I like mine in a color that pops but not too much. It’s Kelly Green with stitching in the corners, big brass rings to attach the handle with whip stitching to the bag. Another eBay find made by Lucky who has done the perfect hobo for years.
5. Go To Clutch- You only really need one. For me a metallic or black works best they go with everything. To make it interesting go for a crocodile, python imprint or one with a cute closure. Needs to only fit a phone, ID, Emergency Cash, gum & Chap Stick (or gloss). Mine is a dark grey satin with silver metal frame and an all sides snap closure. But my favorite thing about the hot pink lining.

6. A Bag W/A Great Pattern- I tend to lean towards large tropical prints. This bag is mainly for summer to add pop to your basic cotton outfit. Go with the shape you usually like just in a pattern. Mine has 2 large wood rings as the handles attached to a black canvas with blue, tan turquoise and white flowers on it.
7. Pulled Together Bag- This bag is the bag you can wear with anything and it dresses it up. You throw it on with your holey jeans, flips and a V and suddenly you feel you are dressed. And it can also go with that skirt and boots combo you rock to work. Go with the size and shape you like with an interesting trait. Whether it be an unexpected color, large hardware, lots of pockets, patent, zippers galore, appliqués or any combo of these. It does not have to cost a million bucks just make you feel that way. I have a few my powder blue patent bag with heavy hardware, basic black bag which get a preppy scarf, to the Target Bag in the pic. There are also some fun choices at Urban Outfitters right now.

8. Dr. Satchel- Short handles, rounded on top, square at the bottom- various sizes, colors, materials go with what tickles your fancy. This bag sits in your elbow when moving. Mine is aged brown leather with lots of handy pockets in the corners and compartments inside. The shape is stylish and classic but the bag a little impractical since it cannot be thrown over the shoulder. But a nice change on occasion.
9. Bowling Bag- Like the Dr. Satchel but more oval than round and longer handles. These bags I like in a more sporty shape and details. Think Puma & Adidas. It is a casual every day bag with sporty flair.
10. Messenger Bag- Crossover body, fabric or leather, sturdy and great to travel with or on days where you will be walking around a lot. These bags make it easier to get in and out of it while still hung on your shoulder. Mine is from The Gap in forest green fabric with a cute paisley interior. It took me a long while to find since I am 6 feet tall to find one that hit me right. And it has 2 outside pockets perfect for chap stick, gum and my phone- easy access. Sadly I could not find a pic of what I wanted since I like a messenger without the flap.

And Here Are 2 I Do Not Like Which for a Girl Who Has A Lot of Purses is Hard to Say:
1. Any bag crammed full- I will admit I go for a fuller bag I need the room I usually have a book, water and a planner with me at all times. I know but who has a snack when you need it not the chick with the tiny little bag the size of the novel I have in mine. Who has to take half her stuff out of it, to get to what she needs.
2. Utility Only- Even if it is your gym bag why not get something you like to look at. What harm will it do.