Friday, March 12, 2010

Top 10 Obsessions: 3/12/10

1. This Recipe: I have made it twice now, very easy and very good. I used frozen blueberries but that is all you can get right now. And I do not have a mixer so actually really easy. Makes a great breakfast if you make Texas size muffins.

2. These Flats: I love them they make me think of Spring are cheap and make any outfit much cuter. With jeans and a V (my all time look) they kick it up a notch and then add some accessories and you are ready to go. In fact I might wear them tomm. And really cheap from Target.

3. Need You Now, Lady Antebellum Song- Not a country fan but I look forward to this simple song on the radio. And honestly if you have never thought this about someone I think you are lying to yourself- and all those times I was not even drunk.
4. VV Brown: I really love her and this CD is in heavy rotation at the moment. Faves: Shark in the Water, Quick Fix, Traveling Like the Light, Game Over, Crazy Amazing, L.O.V.E., Everybody, I Love You (pretty much all of it).

5. The Kindness of Strangers even in the face of my Awkwardness: In certain situations (read almost all) I am semi-awkward but in new situations really awkward. So thank you kind strangers for realizing that and going with it.

6. Wedding Shoes: Funny story me and my sister bought the same shoes for our brother’s wedding and we did not even talk to each beforehand. Even funnier now my mom is coveting a pair and may wear them too. Hmm maybe it is a genetics thing, or perhaps we all just appreciate a comfy (notice the platform under the toes- to make the heel not so intense on your feet), cute shoe. Also cheap and from Target.

7. This Bag: even though I may never have it. I saw it in a Mag prob a month or so ago and fell in love. I guess it was featured in a couple of other mags and is starting to sell out. But it screams summer to me and is also big enough for my life. Big Buddha Hibiscus Tote Google it.

8. The September Issue: Behind the scenes look at Vogue Mag, making their biggest issue of the year (September’s) right after all the lines come out. Ever hear someone mention Anna Wintour and have no idea who they are talking about- this movie will explain all of that. And if you do know who she is than then even better.

9. The Nanny Returns: I am not as in love with this book as I was The Help but the way this society is, is quite astounding. This look at people is I am sure extreme but it makes you wonder. Also nice to visit the characters from The Nanny Diaries and see how they are doing.

10. Alice the Miniseries:
This originally aired on SciFi (I am going old school on the name) and I missed but catalogued it away for later. It is 3 hours long but was perfect on a Sunday afternoon, the new Alice is a Karate instructor and she represents chicas in a good way. Some of it is a little trippy but I love love love The Hatter. Watch it, it is endearing and quirky.

2 I Do Not Like, Full Spectrum Here Folks
1. When I call someone’s work cell and their waiting music is 1-2-3 by Britney Spears:
don’t get me wrong this song is infectious but not work appropriate. In fact when it comes on the radio I have on my desk at work I switch the station. And no one even works around me.
2. Princess as a Term of Endearment: In my family when we call you princess we are basically calling you a baby or a drama queen. As in Calm Down Princess.

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