Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obsessiveness February 24, 2010

Mm the things I love to love.

1. Kesha. I am not talking about the songs that are on the radio although they're good. I'm talking about three other songs on her album that you'd have to search out. Take It Off, Blind, and my favorite Boots and Boys. They're all just so catchy! In my head the whole day. Don't buy the entire album though because for a 17-year-old girl she's amazingly dirty... 

2. Old Navy basics, the tee's, cardigans, and every day shirts. I recently cleaned out a huge chunk of my closet so it was time to restock the staples and Old Nav was the perfect place to do it. And they were having a sale so I got about 8 shirts, a couple tanks, a vest, and a cardigan for under $100.

3. Steve Madden shoes. Oh um I can't even handle this. I was in Georgetown and there's an entire Steve Madden store and they were having a sale. So I went in and filled a hole in my boot collection with gorgeous black suade slouchy boots with no heels. Yum. Behold the fabulousness.

4. Sledding. Cory I'm sure would disagree but I have been sledding twice in the past two weeks and it has been SO much fun. Sure you get a little banged up and maybe a little cold but you can't help but laugh at yourself and the other people and just relax and have fun going fast and almost hitting trees.

5. Girl Scout Cookies. Every year I forget how awesome they are and every year I somehow end up with a couple boxes and remember that they are just fabulous. Samoas are my fav. 

6. Mixing up my playlists. I tend to get in kind of a music rut so every once in a while I go in and spend probably a little too long just going through and changing things up. It lets you rediscover all the amazing music you have and rotate it back into every day listening. Beautiful.

7. Getting close enough to my birthday that I get to start thinking about what I want. And even better not being the one to bring it up, my mom asked me to start thinking about it so now I get to go guilt free window shopping! (Buy me something nice :)

8. Being a rebel and wearing flip flops in winter. Yes every one will call you crazy but you can be happy in the knowledge that your feet are sublimely comfortable and you get to show off your winter pedi for once. I just felt that my summer shoes missed me so I had to give them a little love :).

9. Being able to sit on my couch with a fantastic blanket, a drink, and just watch super fit people compete in sports I'll never dream of being able to do. Otherwise known as the Olympics. I love them and so enjoy watching them whenever I'm home.

10. Planning all the things I'm going to do when I go home. Yes my list is long, and yes most of the things involve eating, and yes I probably won't be able to do anything. But anticipation is really what makes the time go by and just makes Heidi a happy girl. I can't wait to go home! 

And an Extra - The Soup! Joel McHale oh how I love you. I think about this show and laugh. I watch it by myself and seriously laugh out loud. I wish it was longer than a half an hour each week....

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